• Recent NSA leaks prove so

    This week it was revealed that the NSA is supplying the DEA with data for use in domestic and international drug cases (in other words, NOT for terrorism). The DEA then uses this data to investigate U.S. Citizens. Here's the kicker--since it is OBVIOUS that obtaining this data WITHOUT a warrant is unconstitutional, the DEA must--and has been--blatantly LYING to judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys about where this information is coming from.

    A former federal agent who received such tips from the NSA described the process. “You’d be told only, ‘Be at a certain truck stop at a certain time and look for a certain vehicle.’ And so we’d alert the state police to find an excuse to stop that vehicle, and then have a drug dog search it,” the agent said.

    After an arrest was made, agents then pretended that their investigation began with the traffic stop, not with the SOD tip, the former agent said. The training document reviewed by Reuters refers to this process as “parallel construction.” … “Parallel construction is a law enforcement technique we use every day,” one official said. “It’s decades old, a bedrock concept.”

    Corrupt? That's probably the nicest word I can think of at the moment. These guys are a bunch of self-serving, money-grubbing, totalitarian agents of the failed War on Drugs.

  • How i know

    My fiance is currently in jail he has been since he was arrested last March 8th in that time the DEA put illegal tracker on his vehicle after searching it without his consent. After asking for help for over a month to get the car back and being told several stories I had to ask the prosecutor to step in the car was located within 30 minutes in a different city after paying $3,000 to get the car out of tow, I discovered that there was a loaded gun inside the vehicle a gun that they know was there.These folks are disgusting liars

  • The DEA, FDA, CDC are working on behalf of heroin syndicates.

    The push to ban opioid medications and the excessive control on these medicines is based on Obamas "War on Opioids" which has already cost the lives of many Americans with physical illnesses and disability. The CDC has been forced to revise their studies, because the problem is so cleay not related to legal regulated opioids. The uptick in opioid deaths is from illicit fentanyl analogues from china making their way into the heroin...Its deadly. Yet little enforcement is happening!!
    Also, the FDA has tried to ban nearly every substance that can keep people off other meds. Its as if they want the only solution to be heroin. The DEA has on many occasions wtitten and enforced their own laws. Illegal seizures, etc. Its been a huge problem.

  • Reschedule marijuana asap. And BAN the worthless waste of money DEA!

    100 million people have died from cancer due to the unavailability of marijuana since 1974 when the US government learned of its ability to cure this. Spain has recently verified this. We must have equal rights and freedom to use this 700 medicinal use plant to save lives and remove pain and suffering. 25,000 products can be made from it providing us with millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in tax revenue. For 45 years I have not had the happiness the constitution says is a right we have since I am unable to use pot. Food and music and sex are ruined if you don't get stoned before having them. The crap that we can do what we want to is a lie that sickens me. The only way the DEA can turns its back on the world must be because of money it is getting from pharmaceutical and other companies that are afraid of the loss of money it would cause. Our sick are dying because the DEA has confiscated the most healing plant God has given us. If Trump does not abolish the unnecessary DEA soon then he will also be an enemy of everyone on earth that needs marijuana very much for pain and other benefits that are too important to remove for no sane reason. BAN THE DEA! Their funding should be used towards paying the national debt.

  • Is the DEA Corrupt

    They are corrupt to the extent that they allow themselves a one sided point of view when dealing with drugs like the marijuana issue that has been used in effective treatments given to patients by their private professional doctors . I mean what give the DEA the right to decide what drugs are best for people when they are not medical doctors but individuals with a badge coming in between the patient and their doctor . Personally I don't think anyone should have that right to tell someone how to run their own body and on what drug be it legal or otherwise, Norway or Denmark has it right it all should be made legal and regulated with tax and age caps .

  • Ban the DEA before millions more die because of them.

    Marijuana has 700 medicinal uses the DEA fails to see even one. It cures breast,brain and lung cancer. It seems the government is successfully reducing the population with cigarettes and alcohol. Yet they do nothing to stop this. They are a Complete and total waste of money. God gave us drugs to help us ease our pain and suffering, not to cause more! Ban the DEA now!

  • Just want funding

    Not removing MJ as a schedule 1 drug stinks of corruption. On the same day Canada legalized home cultivation of MJ for medical users. The DEA is only not removing MJ from the schedule 1 list because they don't want their funding from the federal gov to go down. They are corrupt.

  • Money is Key

    What People don't understand is, the DEA works closely with pharmaceutical drug companies. For example, drugs like Marijuana are a schedule 1 drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse, and no medicinal value. These are both false, as its addiction rate is much lower than a legal drug, alcohol, which kills 80,000 people per year in the us ALONE, while marijuana has killed 0 people in the 10,000 years of use and has many medicinal uses for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, lack of appetite, insomnia, and even curing cancer. Now why is it illegal? Some Would say it is because the Dea doesn't think the general public is safe with having the drug. However, the real reason is because they are aware of the medicinal value, and know if it is legalized, that drug companies will loose lots of money. But the sad thing is, we've come to a point in society where the Dea already won. We've been so brain-washed into thinking that weed is harmful, that only 51% of the us wants to legalize weed. I can assure you that a big percentage of the 49% have no problem with alcohol or cigarettes. Even if they didn't use, they might say something along the lines of, well, they the freedom to use if they want to. Ok, so why can't we have the freedom to put a substance, that has been proven to be less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes into our own body if we aren't harming anyone else?

  • DEA is corrupt

    Most of law enforcement in this country is corrupt. Why would the DEA be any different. Sure they may try to take out the violent offenders. But they're is way to many drugs on the streets of this country for law enforcement no to be involved someway , somehow. They are just getting better at covering up they're involvement. How do I know? My brother is a dirty cop. I also worked around dope in the coast guard. Dope is a bigger business than Wal-Mart. Good luck on your debate.

  • They're as bad a North Korea

    They destroy people's lives. They lock people up for non-violent "crimes" where they are reaped, beaten, and tortured by real criminals. They confiscate property with NO proof of guilt of a crime. DEA leaders constantly lie about their organization; even while under oath at congressional hearings. They manipulate the media with their false claims about the dangers of the drugs they make millions prohibiting from the public...

    I'm sick of Americans criticising North Korea while the American government regularly commits the same crimes against their citizens through agencies such as the DEA.

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