Is the death of a recent mayor in Mexico a sign that the violence is getting worse?

  • Yes, and police seem powerless.

    The recent death of a mayor in Mexico is a sign that violence is getting worse and the it seem police are helpless. The police should stop working independently and involve the community if violence is to end. The community knows the perpetrators but or them to come out and talk they must have confidence with police, that they will not be victimized after that.

  • Yes, this is a sign that violence is getting worse in Mexico.

    The death of a second mayor in Mexico in as many days is a sign that violence is getting worse in the country. Mexican drug cartels have led to a spike in violence across the nation over the past several years. The Mexican government has been unable to get this violence under control. This latest murder shows that the violence is getting worse.

  • Yes, the recent death of a mayor in Mexico is a sign that the violence is escalating.

    Yes, violence in Mexico is getting out of control, as is evident with the recent death of a mayor. When even the more sociable and popular government officials like mayors are targets of violence, then the situation is bad. I hope that things get better soon, though; when enough people decide that violence is not the answer, then things will start to shift.

  • About the same.

    According to the article, 75 mayors have been killed in the last decade. This means that it is not just a recent problem but on that has existed for a long time.
    The good news is, this means that not all of Mexico's government have or can be controlled by the local drug cartels. The bad news is, they don't tend to live long.
    Because of this trend, it sounds to me like the other mayor have submitted to the cartels or else they too would have been killed as well. Question is, how far does the corruption go? After all, their Presidents have lasted full terms so maybe that office is already controlled by the cartels.
    I do have an idea to get rid of the cartels.
    -If the President is not under the cartel control, what he should be doing is actively fighting against them using his military and political power. If his military is not enough or has corruption in it's ranks, he could seek outside help from the U.S. and other nations.
    -If the President is corrupt or not willing to take back his country, I would say it is up to the people of Mexico to do it with the support of other nations.
    -Neither of these are unheard of methods. Once the cartels have been rooted out of control and stripped of all power, the country can have a new Independence Day. The day they gained their independence from cartel rule. This would not only benefit them but our nation as well. If the Mexican people didn't have cartels, they would be less likely to flee to the U.S. instead of the cartels getting their chunk of the Mexican economy, that money could go to the people in the form of better wages, as well as more money for the infrastructure. They might even improve enough to be considered a first world nation.

  • The violence is probably the same.

    The only times the media says something is getting worse is because somebody important died. When in hindsight the violence was bad before and it finally spilled over to the privileged. Several people die every day but they are not reported on because they are either poor or in a minority group because the media doesn't deem them important until they feel it is necessary.

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