• Absolutely a big deal

    The discovery of new elements expands our knowledge of the universe by helping us see how its smallest building blocks are put together. In the long run that means more inventions to make our lives easier. In the past, the discovery of copper and iron changed the world.

    In the short run, additional elements may have useful properties we can exploit. An element that can only exist at low temperatures but that is harder than titanium might make ships safer if we can ever travel between solar systems. Something that could contain radiation would make nuclear power a better alternative. Even if these new elements cannot do these things, they might be part of an alloy that could.

  • The discovery of new elements is life-changing

    Scientific discoveries are always exciting: they reveal new possibilities that hadn't been considered before. Nowhere is this more true than when new elements are found, either in the lab or by accident. When this happens, we learn more about what life is (or could be) made of, which is what science is all about.

  • Yes, the discovery of new elements is a big deal.

    Yes, the discovery of new elements is a big deal. My belief is that through the discovery of new elements, there could be an increase in the discoveries made by science for a multitude of things like mental disorders, diseases, general illnesses, or things that can overall provide the betterment of the people and our society as we know it. Also, the discovery of new elements would just open the world to new and great things.

  • The discovery of new elements a big deal

    The discovery of new elements a big deal in the sense that it opens the door to other discoveries and uses that could wind up benefitting people from an economic sense to a medical sense. While most people have no understanding of what such discoveries mean, that does not make such discoveries any less important.

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