Is the Divergent TV series proof that dystopian teen fiction is about to burst its bubble?

  • Yes, it does.

    Divergent is a great series of books and movies, but is proof that the genre has pushed its boundaries and reached its limit. There is not much more that dystopian teen series can explore, which means that they are not going to come up with any more truly new ideas.

  • Yes, I feel that the TV series along with a plethora of books and shows around this subject show that the bubble is about to burst.

    Yes, I feel that in recent years the market has been flooded with books and shows aimed at teens about dystopian worlds. It seems to me that they are running their course and, with shows like Divergent, the market is over-saturated. Teens will tire of this and soon want something different, something new.

  • It could be

    The Divergent TV series could be proof the dystopian teen fiction is jumping the shark, or it could be a one time thing. The dystopian teen fiction market is still booming and more and more titles are selling every day. Divergent may just have reached it's end. The Hunger Games and other series may just have more longevity.

  • Too many delusional teens.

    Teens believe a few things that are simply untrue. For instance, no matter how good they have it, many believe they are already living in a dystopian environment. This makes them think that they have something in common with the characters.
    Teens also tend to think that they can change things that adults can't or won't. What they fail to realize is that the adults were once teens. That means they can make actual changes now. Why don't they? Because, they came to realize that what they though needed to be changed, actually didn't.
    You see, as long at teens continue this delusion, and they always will, teens will want to watch movies and TV shows depicting teen character who are doing it. Granted, some day, they will grow up and see how misguided that was but by that time, they will be replaced by even more teens that suffer the same delusion.

  • No, dystopian fiction might get less popular, but it will not fade

    Dystopian teen fiction has always been a genre. It might not have always been as popular as it is today thanks to books such as Divergent and the Hunger Games but that does not mean that, when the outburst passes, the genre will just fade away. There will always be people who continue to read and watch things regarding these series.

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