• The DNC is too connected to Hillary Clinton

    The DNC is too connected to Hillary Clinton. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a known friend and ally of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. A recent hack of DNC records indicate the party wanted Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. She is an insider and a well-established power broker in Democratic circles.

  • It's a distinct possibility.

    It would appear that Hillary Clinton was the DNC's favorite all along with Bernie Sanders being the unpredictable underdog. From the very start it was all about Hillary, even claiming that Bernie was losing, even when he was winning. It would certainly appear that the DNC is very rooted in Hillary's campaign.

  • Yes, the DNC is too connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    Many have suspected that the DNC was working in conjunction with Hillary Clinton's campaign to help her secure the nomination. Bernie Sanders really never had a chance because the party's establishment always backed Clinton. A hacker has now exposed the closes ties between the DNC and the Clinton campaign. In short, yes, the DNC is too connected to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

  • Yes, the DNC is too connected to Hillary's campaign

    I think the DNC got behind Hillary Clinton far too early in this race, and completely ignored the revolution that Bernie Sanders was leading. In doing this, they isolated a good chunk of voters that now feel 'forced' to vote for a candidate, any candidate that is NOT Donald Trump.

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