• You could say

    Nothing is dead everything is composed of atoms and electrons etc even decaying matter. Everything is in a state of motion or vibrAtion should we be asking does the earth have a soul. Since it contains all of humanity and supports us then yes it is alive another conundrum plants are obviously alive but do they have souls

  • What are plants? What are you?

    What are plants? What are we? We are all life. Earth is life. You and I are the same, we are life. We all come from particles the exist on Earth and all are eventually recycled. All of us together, our consciousness' all combined as a whole is Earth.

    Can I prove it? Hell no, but it's one interesting view of our world.

  • Of course it is.

    Yes, the Earth is alive because one of the definitions of living is in actual existence or use. It is also a living, growing thing. It constantly changes, and therefore it must be alive. If it were not, it would just be a plain rock that was never different from the way in which it began.

  • Yes Of Course

    Do you really think that you were born from, and are being sustained by, an inanimate "dead" object??? Think about it. The repetitive movement of the Earth creates repetitive changes in its atmosphere (weather). This weather generates electricity(lightning), which has the power to change the molecular structures of most substances it comes into contact with. Lightning creates and links chemicals, and can break them apart. We are made of many of these same chemicals. Believe it or not, our bodies do practically the same thing in order to support our internal metabolic processes.

  • It really depends...

    It depends on whether it is the earth structure itself or life on earth. It also depends on what is the definition of 'alive'. Although I define earth by it's uncommon property: life. So as different species are dependent on one another to form ecosystems that are interconnected (I like the Gaia theory) to create the greeny blue planet we live on, the earth is alive.

  • Look around you to see!

    Yes look around you to see breath taking world and its living things on its surface and below. Listen to it, feel the energy wich comes out and create life by itself. I sometimes believe that world itself is the god!! Imagine you kill all living things on surface. After million years or maybe less, we will see same life forms coming to life again and again and again....

  • Isn't it obvious?

    When we say that everything around us is in the state of motion with respect to the earth(part of law of inertia), then we can also say that earth has life with respect to us....! When earth can support life it is also alive as a dead planet cannot and can never support life.....

  • Yes, the Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music.

    Of course the Earth is alive. Is it alive and thriving with all kinds of species, environments, cultures of all kinds and has been this way for a few billion years. The planet goes through cycles, just as humans do, and because of our placement from the sun, the Earth is able to be a lively planet able to sustain life.

  • Yes, the Earth is Alive.

    The Earth is very alive. From the babbling brooks to the rocks and rills and hills, things are changing all the time. Leaves fall and the set on again in the spring. Grass turns brown and then returns to green. Trees grow from seeds and walnuts set on each year. The Earth is very much alive.

  • Yes. It is very much alive.

    If we put the natural disasters in forms that affects us humans, it would be; drought-dehydration earthquake-seizure typhoon-nausea. All these mentioned are signs of something right? Maybe the Earth is trying to tell us something. That we are hurting it. But the Earth needs us and needs our help. We started hurting our home our only one and us humans are the only ones that can reverse the effects.

  • The question is; Is the EARTH alive.

    The question says "is the EARTH alive?'' Obviously the planet isn't alive. It is the living species ON planet Earth that makes the Earth seem alive. Clearly the Earth is not alive. Some may say it is moving. That is true however, the gravitational pull and there are other factors that make Earth moving but the Earth is definintly not moving by itself.

  • I don't think the EARTH IS ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just because it have living things in it doesn't mean it is alive. A house have living things in it doesn't mean it is alive. And I am not saying the Earth is dead either but it does not fit in this category because it never was alive. - Ahmad M.

  • It doesn't GROW

    Earth is not a living thing because it doesn't grow. All living things how to grow and breathe in air. Though you think that living things grow on the earth doesn't mean that the earth is living as well. That is why i believe that earth does not live at.

  • No, the earth is not alive nor has it ever been.

    The earth isn't alive because in order to be alive you have to be able to move at your own free will. The other reason is that a living anything has to have some way to absorb nutrition the earth can only trap nutrition not absorb it. Even when things die and decompose it is the bugs, mushroom, and other LIVING things that absorb the dead animal or plant not the earth.

  • The earth isnt alive

    The Earth is not alive. A living thing is dwelling, it reproduces. Does the Earth reproduce? No. Insects reproduce, plants reproduce, humans reproduce, and Earth does not. Another thing is that living things breathe. Earth does not breathe, not does it have a system. Living things breathe, humans breathe oxygen and plants breathe carbon dioxide. Earth itself is a rock that is trying to condem itself by Ericsson and weathering. Living things don't erode not do they try to condem themselves. Living things move. Earth moves because of the gravational pull towards the Sun. But that doesn't mean it is living.

  • The Earth is not alive.

    The Earth is a planet and it is not alive. The Earth itself is a mass of rock and minerals. Although it is home to a lot of living things, the planet itself is not alive. The fact that the Earth is the only place in the universe known to have life does not mean that it itself is an organism.

  • The earth isn't alive

    It is just a big rock. If you say Earth is alive then you say that Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, and the rest of the Planets are alive. There are living things on the earth. But if the earth is alive then what's keeping the earth alive? What will make it die? Why will it die?

  • The things on it are alive, not the earth itself.

    The earth is a rock. Just one, giant, round rock. Rocks aren't alive. Trees, bees, whales and snails are alive, but not the giant rock floating in space itself. Something that is non-living with living species on it does not make it alive, it makes it covered in life instead.

  • Isn't it obvious?

    Alright. I see someone said Earth is alive because it's changing. Really? So if i put a iron wrench into water and let it rust. Is it living? No it is certainly changing, but not living. I also see people say, "The Earth is growing". No it isn't. Science has provided evidence to the tectonic plates theory that completely debunks the idea.

  • It is obvious.

    You have to provide evidence that the earth is alive, and that is not possible as the earth shares no qualities living things do. The earth does not move on it's own, does not reproduce, respond to stimuli and can not produce or consume energy. Saying the earth is alive is like saying a greenhouse is alive.

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