Is the economic system in America a TRUE free market?

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  • Of course not...

    ... But that is not a bad thing. As we have witnessed, laissez-faire capitalist economies lead to the rich getting unbelievably rich and the poor becoming nothing more than tools used to produce. The labor force in an entirely free market economy is dehumanized and the vast majority of them cannot change it. The children of poor families remain poor while children of wealthy families inherit wealth, and monopolies would run amok. Mixed economies are known to be successful and there is no reason to revert back to laissez-faire capitalism..

  • It simply is not

    We live in a crony capitalist society in a truely free market the government would't get involed in the economy , corporations and regulation would not exist . True that true that true that true that true that true that true that true that true that true that true that.

  • A "true" free market does not exist.

    There is no such thing as a free market because every market has rules, regulations and boundaries. America is not even the most free economic market. The most free market is Hong Kong at 89.3% free and America 82% free. It's not that big of a gap but we're still not a true free market simply because it doesn't exist. We're relatively and that's as good as it's going to get.

  • Not really, thankfully.

    America IS still a capitalist system, but it's contemporary capitalism, with regulations, stimulus during recessions, subsidies, etc. It's clearly apparent that even contemporary capitalism has its fundamental, ineradicable faults, whether you think there's a better alternative or not. Regardless, contemporary Western capitalism is still by far preferable to most other systems.

  • Not At All

    At present, the government at various levels in the United States significantly regulates, taxes, subsidizes, and erects international trade barriers as well as outright banning some products. There is significant intervention in the market. Agencies that one would normally not think of as being interventionist but necessary parts of government, such as the FDA, are in reality mechanisms of government control over the market. In fact, the United States has never really had a free market as the government has always used its monopoly on force to grant monopolies, subsidies, and tax. The only way to produce a truly free, laissez-faire market is with the end of government, something that is not realistically achievable in the short term but possible in the long term.

  • Not even close

    Taxes, subsidies, minimum wage laws, environmental regulation, money manipulation, international trade restrictions, business regulation, international trade tariffs, government monopolies, steel industry protection, laws against ticket scalping, regulations on outsourcing, laws against price gouging, savings taxes, family subsidies, health subsidies, housing subsidies, education subsidies, loan guarantees... Etc.

    What do you think?

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