Is the education system meant to dumb us down?

Asked by: Xeno1337
  • We are becoming a robot

    School these days educate children through textbooks,"learn"the world through the world.We all know that every brain is different from others,scientists had proved it,but why the educational system used ONE method to educate EVERYBODY,so they prepare students for the future,or the past? For almost a decade,nothing has change but cars,phones,buildings but nothing in the educational system has changed.Turning children into a bunch of robots,turning their childhood into 18 years of stress and late night doing homework.Yes,we are becoming more and more dumber and if the educational system won't change,then the humanity is dead.

  • Schools are supposed to teach skills

    Yes learning history, math, science, English, and a multitude of other subjects important in adulthood, but school should teach and emphasize other skills. Skills like critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, communication, organization, working as a team, planning, research, logic, reasoning and personal discipline are crucial skill sets that graduating students are not being adequately instructed in. Mindless conformity, being programmed to be and think like everyone else, accepting ideas without question, and uniformity are unfortunately what schools are now leaving in their wake. The things that make a student unique like creativity, innovative spirit, ambition, personal morals and values, social skills, and ingenuity are key in a students success in their careers, personal relationships, professionalism, character and their overall adult journey.

  • No of cause not

    I do not think the education system systems is meant to dumb us down. It is there to help us improve our education,even though it don't seam like it some times. So to think that it is in place to dumb us down is just a ridiculous to say.

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