Is the Egyptian mulfi's deceleration that no one has the right to hurt gay people a positive sign?

  • Yes. This is a great sign.

    This shows that people everywhere, including in the Northern Africa and the Middle East, are becoming more conscientious of LGBT people and their right to live with dignity. LGBT people should not be abused for being gay. This is a great sign that the world is gradually changing to accommodate human rights.

  • The country will progress.

    Yes, Mulfi's declaration is a positive sign, because homosexuals are often abuse and even killed in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. Homosexuals in these countries live in fear and in danger. It would be a positive thing if these people know that they are not going to be hurt or killed living their daily lives. It takes leadership from someone like Mulfi to institutionalize this change.

  • The world is changing

    For an Egyptian Mulfi to make it clear that no one has a right to hurt gay people is a huge step in the right direction. The black and brown community are extremely homophobic but even they are starting to move towards acceptance and tolerance. No one has a right to tell someone that who they are and how they were born is wrong. I'm glad we are all growing up around the globe.

  • I hope so

    I hope it's a good sign. However, Egypt still has a pretty bad track record when it comes to treatment of LBGT people and even women for that matter. And, although the grand mulfi said harming them is unacceptable, it is still not safe to be openly gay or lesbian in Egypt. I would hope that more people are willing to listen to the grand mulfi and be more accepting.

  • I'm not too sure.

    It's a positive sign. Of what, I'm not too sure. The decay of the world's moral fibers perhaps. It seems that everyone is trying so hard to protect "gay people" these days. If they really wanted to help gay people, they'd tell them to repent so they could escape the hurt that God will put on them if they don't.

    I don't think people should hurt other people, but "gay" people shouldn't be an exalted protected class in this society either. They're sinners who need to repent.

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