Is the electoral college fair (yes) or unfair (no)?

  • If this is a true democracy, then presidents should be elected by the popular vote only.

    It is a shame that we live in a company that claims to be a
    democracy, yet our votes don’t necessarily count. A president can lose or tie with the popular
    vote, but win the presidency if they have more votes according to the electoral
    college. This doesn’t make sense to
    me. I think that they should just count
    every vote, and whichever candidate has the most votes should be the president.

  • The electoral college is undemocratic

    The electoral college was originally established as a way to prevent organized crime and labor unions from controlling major elections by lessening the impact of the actual vote tally and emphasizing widespread support over popular support. With the advent of the FBI and RICO laws the need for the electoral college has passed and the model is obsolete. The only function achieved by the electoral college in modern America is that it serves as yet one more separation between the direct will of the people and the results achieved in government and political representation.

  • Stupid and unnecessary. Should be done away with!

    Every vote should count! I live in a state that has traditionally voted Republican since forever. I happen to support the Republican candidate this year BUT, in years past I supported Democratic candidates. But there was no hope of my vote counting in that scenario. This is absolutely unfair and just a stupid process.

  • Of course it's not fair

    Wyoming residents get 4 times as many votes as California residents. What's fair about that? The electoral college ensures that politicians only pay attention to swing states and ignore "sure thing" states. Even if a third party received 40% of the vote in dozens of states, they could still get zero electoral votes because of the winner-takes-all rules of the electoral college. That's not fair at all.

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