• Corruption is absolutely possible.

    There are two ways that it is possible to eradicate corruption. We can get rid of all things. That is the principle of communism. Remove things, and that way no one will want to act in ways that get them things. Communism proposes this, and in its purest form, it would be effective. The problem is, people never truly accept communism. They like things. Stalin, Moa, Chavez, Moussolini all had things that they were even arrogant enough to display publicly. This leads to the second option. Since we can't seem to get rid of things, we need to get rid of people. If people don't want things, things lose value. Unfortunately we can't get rid of either realistically. But it is possible, just highly improbable.

  • Funds for eradicating corruption are also corrupted.

    There are some organizations that aim at fighting corruption, but the issue is that in allocating of different funds of those organization corruption occurs. This make corruption an serious issue as it appeals even where there are trying to fight it and it involves there. Even for decades and centuries, corruption will still be there.

  • No, the eradication of corruption is not possible.

    The eradication of all corruption is not possible because people are flawed creatures. There will always be those who try to exploit and take advantage of an issue for financial or personal reasons. As long as there are those who fight on the side of the just, then that is all we can ask for.

  • A Fools Errand

    I do not believe the eradication of all corruption is possible. There will always be people who will work a system to their benefit rather than means them getting a few extra dollars or a few million. Humans are self-serving and greedy, so it would be a fools errand to attempt to eradicate corruption.

  • Corruption Will Always Be With Us

    People are people and some will be corrupt. It's part of the human condition. And some will find a way to get around the strongest regulations, or they will find a situation where there are no regulations to run their scheme for their own ends. And the other problem is how easily fooled some people are by a con. We do what we can to prevent corruption or point it out when we see it, but in the end there will always be corruption.

  • No, there will always be corruption.

    It would be nice if we could one day get rid of corruption all together, but this will never happen. People want too much and there is too much to gain once people are in power. You can take the most well-intentioned people and give them power, and they completely change.

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