• It does exist

    I think that the gene gap does exist because yes it has always existed but now it's worse than ever and the tech is just making it way way way more worse.Back then they didn't have iPads or laptops they had to do everything manually and no tech reliable. It does exist!!!!!

  • For the motion.

    In my opinion the generation gap is actually destroying family life.... Educations means.....Money means .........Life vice etc. My father ones told me the children of these present day generation are very much different from how we were in those days.
    Every generation has its clothing style. When I was a hippie in the late '60's, the long hair, beads, no bra, and no shoes was considered scandalous by my parents.

  • The generation gap is not destroying family life.

    The generation gap is not destroying family life. There can be many things that destroy family life and pinning it on just one area just does not work. I think in these economic times with most family struggling to stay a float, more and more family members are forced to work longer and harder hours. This is causing family life to suffer and will continue until the economy gets better.

  • There has always been a generation gap.

    Every generation is different from the one before it. Values change, styles change, preferences change, but that doesn't mean family life is going to go away. There's nothing particularly special about the current generation gap that didn't exist in other generations and families survived those changes just fine. It stands to reason they'll do fine now too.

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