• The Great Pyramid is unusual in that it has eight sides instead of 4

    Yes, Giza is more stable because of its 8 sides. It's usual 4 sides are indented from base to peak along its central lines creating 8 sides. This type of structure helps bond its casing to its core, thus the pyramid is more stable.. It was constructed between 2560–2540 BC. The Giza plateau, consisting of the group of pyramids, is one of the last standing wonders of the world. People are fascinated as to how long the structures has remained standing. Perhaps there is strength in numbers!

  • Great Pyramind of Giza stable due to low center of gravity

    The Great Pyramid of Giza is so stable because of its low center of gravity. The vast majority of its mass sits right on the ground, and with how many tons it weighs (5.9 million tons), it is near impossible to displace or tip over the pyramid. It is probably the most stable structure currently built because of this.

  • No, there is not evidence to support this

    There is no evidence to support that the Great Pyramid of Giza is any more or less stable because of its 8 sides. While many theories have been suggested as to why the Giza pyramid was built the way it was, there is no substantial evidence to support that it was done to make it more stable.

  • The number of the pyramid's sides does not give it structural advantage

    Pyramids have a consistent low center of gravity. It is more plausible to think that the ratio between the pyramid's height and width would determine its stability. The Great Pyramid of Giza indeed has 8 sides, however these sides are not equidistant from the center of the pyramid. In fact, these sides are almost barely noticeable, from an overhead view it could be mistaken for a standard 4 sided pyramid with an untrained eye. It is logical to think that it has almost identical structural integrity as would similar pyramids with just 4 sides. The 8 sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza does not give it a structural advantage, but were perhaps built that way in order to create an aesthetic new look.

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