Is "The Hateful Eight" Tarantino's weakest film since "Death Proof"?

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  • Tarantino has very little talent.

    Tarantino has very little talent, if any. He's notorious for revelling in gratuitous violent largely for its own sake in what can only be considered a lack of plot construction and evolution and character perspective. There's nothing original about what he "creates"; a master of plagiarism who sees the world in a very immature fashion which is also underscored by his hostility to any who disagrees with him, such as an interviewer who questioned the effects of falling back on violence as a mainstay in his films.

  • The Hateful Eight is a mess of writing and an indulgence in the juvenile aspects of Tarantino's artistry, and represents a misstep in his oeuvre.

    The Hateful Eight, in all of it's violent grotesqueness, deviates from the standard Tarantino we are accustomed to, one who is wise about his craft and handy with his dialogue, instead, indulging in hastily made rewrites and contrived plotlines. In contrast to the violence of some of his earlier films, most notably Kill Bill Part I, the Hateful Eight's violence holds no meaning or bearing on the outcome of the film, nor does it attempt to redeem or truly crucify any of the characters in a meaningful way; in this regard, one might pose the argument that the Hateful Eight is a nihilistic film, and the point of it is that there is no point, but this is not evident in the film, not really, and if this was the intention of Tarantino, to suppose that the point of the film was to prove that nothing matters, he does not do an effective job and truly demonstrating the qualities that substantiates us not caring about this film outside of the fact that it is a bad film. To this, the mysterious element of the film seems to be lost, as no tension is truly built up out of the Intermission or the cliffhanger that is created by Marquis' monologue, which is probably one of the only redeeming qualities of the entire film in the aspect of writing. Tarantino should've left this dialogue heavy film for the stage, where it may've been passable as a decent affair on stage a best.

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