• The Bible has become an Idol

    The Sacred Writings were intended to point us to a living relationship with a living person not a book. Jewish people were called people of the book. Christians are people of the Spirit. Our Lord who is the Living Word said you shall know a tree by its fruit, their are over 33,000 divisions in Christianity, all over the interpretation of something in this book. The Pope was considered infallible and Luther replaced this with making the Bible infallible. God alone is infallible, spend time in relationship with Him not through a book.,

  • Yes it is.

    Christians are too dogmatic about their religion. There are so many other ideas and concepts out there. Religious or otherwise. Spirituality is much more advanced than just one book. There are other great teachings out there, new and old. If they could just see that there is more than that they could expand their outlook.

  • The Bible has been edited by religious leaders in an attempt to control the masses.

    The Bible in most evangelical Christian religions has become a replacement for experiencing a personal connection with God thru faith. Leaders of these Christian demonstrations are many times more concerned with getting believers to accept the Bible as holding unquestionable authority than they are about the Spiritual journey that takes place in individuals who practice their faith by the way they treat and value others. The value that's placed on accepting doctrine as affirmation of faith in God, is much the same as the value that the Sadducees and Pharisees placed on accepting law, during Christ's earthly walk on earth.

    During the 2nd and 3rd centuries, councils were held to determine which books of the Bible were relevant. The goals of the councils was to create a creed to determine who was to be accepted as a believer or a heretic, based on their acceptance of the creed. Bible thumpers of today use similar tactics to exclude Christians who question the writing and interpretation of the entire Bible.

  • Even if one chooses to worship the god of the Bible, one should not need a Bible.

    The Bible was not even available to the common people until the Protestant Reformation. People in many different parts of the world become Christians, but they may never own or even see a Bible. The Bible can be a wonderful source of moral learning, and a fascinating look into an ancient culture. To me though, it is absolutely dangerous to take it literally.

  • It seems so sometimes.

    Some Christians simply consider it their guide, but even though Christianity is supposed to be monotheistic, it does almost seem like some Christians treat the Holy Bible as if it is a sentient being who is worthy of their praise and adoration. They are often they same people who get angry if anyone criticizes anything found inside it.

  • It Is Simply Considered Sacred.

    The Bible is not worshipped as a deity. It is simply read to learn more about God, spend personal time with Him, and hear his voice. And the reason we are so dogmatic about our religion is to live for and glorify God. It is God we worship. The Bible makes it very clear that we cannot worship idols. "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image," Exodus 20:14. I would also like to add that a life lived in contentment and for Christ is a happy life.

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