Is the ideal of a Utopian Society Possible? The ideal of attempting to build perfect society.

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  • Could be Possible .

    Assuming a group of people who agreed on what a perfect world is decided to create said world . They could create a "utopia " obviously you can't create a utopia with everyone because A everyone has a different version of a perfect world and B people are not nice . But utopia is possible .

  • Depends on what you consider Utopian

    A lot of people fail to realize that there's actually more than one route and some routes are actually more possible than others. While some are borderline OCD whimsical with no ills for anyone ever the end some are a bit more realistic with things such as just the abolition of money and classes based on money.

  • It'd be an effort.

    What I'd like to see happen is that whomever is in charge of keeping the Internet running would be asked by an assortment of politicians and experimentalists to deactivate the Internet for a requested amount of time and see how the people of society will do. I don't know if this experiment will ever be done, but it's something I think about.

  • But to do so you have to precisely define Utopia and use the tools of science to achieve it.

    It probably wouldn't hurt to do it secretly in a small isolated community because you can be sure that the outside world would interfere with its creation, ESPECIALLY if you succeeded! I would define Utopia as a society that is 1-steady state into the foreseeable future, 2-uses renewable resources to maintain itself, and 3-satisfies Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to the best level possible for the people within it. There are aspects of human nature that would have to be modified permanently to achieve all this, either by drugs or genetic engineering. Did you notice freedom and democracy are not part of the plan? One key is a self correcting 'leveling' mechanism to drag down any leadership that drift away from the goals of collective benefit. There's a lot that I can't describe here because of space limitations.

  • ABSOLUTELY! And the answer is quite simple.

    The way to both create and sustain an ideal society is to prioritise the nurturing and education of youth, with a primary emphasis on promoting virtue – e.g. kindness, moderation, fortitude and wisdom – and demoting vice. I just wonder when people will wake up to this fact and start a dynamic youth focused Cultural Revolution:

    Will ever the day come when the wise will band together the sweet dreams of youth and the joy of knowledge? Each is but naught when in solitary existence. Will ever the day come when Nature will be the teacher of man and Humanity his book of devotions and Life his daily school? Youth’s purpose of joy – capable in its ecstasy and mild in its responsibility – cannot seek fulfilment until knowledge heralds the dawn of that day. [Kahlil Gibran]

  • It is possible

    It is possible but extremely unlikely we will have an ideal society any time soon. First people will have to change everything they believe though. They have to learn equality and selflessness. People will have to work together instead of against each other. As long as people look out for themselves rather than their fellow man it won't be possible.

  • Oh, it's possible.

    The fact remains that all governments are unduly the same as they all seek to control the endless masses. The way to develop the ultimate, or rather the perfect society is by digging back, and spreading out power...Not as in representations, but rather by focusing on individuals. Their are many principles that if initiated within any society would either lead to its downfall or perfection. Such principles would require governments to let go of "owning" people, it like it was supposed to be, a mutual contract, an agreement between an individual and a gov't body. However, by doing this catapults the system into a series of dramatic changes...Even as a domino effect.

    However, as many others have mentioned humanity is full hatred, greed, deceit, and above all else nothing else can exceed our cruelty that we as human beings bear towards everything. It is for this reason that the perfect system has to be developed and/or sought after. Humanity has grown too powerful to remain yet so unstable, i personally fear our demise, and can only see two ways that this has yet to play out. Either our perfection (or at least our stabilization), or our self destruction. In this aspect we can do no harm if we strive for such society...However, under current circumstances, my country is doomed. It's not that democracy is a problem (Although it generates tyranny of the masses) but rather the tyranny that comes from excessive capitalism, which has become more of an hindrance now than an actual enhancer, as their mind set is bent on making a continuous profit...By these their means they control the public mind, they manipulate dilemma's and in fact will not allow solutions which would hurt their growth.

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  • Utopian societies are never achievable.

    In a society, you will have government. If you have government, you will have corruption. If you have corruption, you do not have a perfect society. If you don't have government, you will have chaos. If you have chaos, you will not have a perfect society.

    That's the best way I can sum it up lol.

  • People are imperfect.

    A government and society are formed by humans, and are therefore also imperfect.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Endless Impossibilities. The world is full of crazy things.

    I will not dealt much into this. I personally believe that the ideal of a perfect society is nearly impossible, no matter how hard we try. By trying to build a perfect society, we have to take ever single person need into consideration, which for the most part is hard. Also, the issues that break down a society, will only resurface and hinder this "perfect society." If you speak of a perfect society, you're talking about one in which every individual is happy, and one might want a society where's there's no gay and where's there is gay, and once issues pose a conflict of interest to both side, the problems that make an perfect society possible, nearly impossible.

  • Utopian societies are impossible to create.

    I feel that if we try to create a utopian society, then we will consequentially create a dystopian one. Imperfections are okay to have! Everyone and everything has imperfections of some sort. If we were to try and create a utopian society, then we would most likely try to solve issues such as the gap between social classes, poverty, and the lack of education, for instance. However, in order to completely solve such issues, we would need to take away things that are almost vital to our society such as freedom to do many things, such as make our own choices. By attempting to solve all of our problems we would just create more. It is impossible to satisfy everyone and create a society in which problems of any kind are nonexistent.

  • Utopia is not possible by definition.

    Utopia -

    An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

    It is by it's very definition, the perfect place, and an impossible place.

    Utopia is an ideal to strive for, not something which can be achieved.

    The goal of striving for a Utopian society is to create an imperfect replica.

    We live in a broken and cruel world. It is beautiful, and there is so much joy to be found, but there is also unfairness, cruelty, harshness and mercilessness.

    Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all strive a bit harder for what we know is impossible, but what we still hope can be?

  • Not mentally possible.

    Every Utopia has faults. The government can create something, but as we see in modern society, no one will agree on one thing. Take 'Divergent' for an example, Roth started out trying to make a utopian world and ended with a dystopian novel. It's not possible for anyone to feel happy in a boring place where everyone always gets what they want! Someone would end up bored. Or imagine a parent and a kid get into a fight because the parent believes in one thing, but the child wants another. That will start a fight, therefore it's no longer perfect. A utopia is not really perfect, it will lead to a dystopia.

  • Human emotion will trump all attempts at it, even in the perfect society

    The human condition requires strife and struggle. With all of the battles fought and all of the answers achieved, there is nothing left to fight for. In a society with no competition, complacency will set in and begin to grip the people of the society. People will become depressed and suicide rates my go up, or worse, someone will become angry, blame the rest of society, and lash out.

  • No-one is exactly the same.

    Nobody is the same therefore you cannot be equal.People have different ideas of Utopia and if it does not fit all the requirements that people want,it is not a Utopia.If it does not please EVERYONE,it would not count as a Utopia.There is a quote that states ”One person’s utopia is another person’s dystopia.”

  • Everyone has a different idea of perfection

    For some, their ideal world would be a peaceful, serene place where they could find joy and rest. For others, it would be a thrill, or an adventure. For still others, a Utopia is a place where they can find friends and fellowship. No one can agree on what a Utopia is, because it is something different for every person, depending on their personalities. No one could truly find a place that would satisfy everyone's cravings for perfection because everyone's craving for perfection is different.

  • Its not possible

    Humans are faulty and will fight against the government and break laws. The only way to prevent this is with harsh punishments, which is a dystopia, or brainwashing, which is also a dystopia. Death, is also a problem. You cant have a utopia with death and suffering, and the only way to prevent this is to mke people not fer death with brainwashing, which again, is a dystopian method.

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