• I am a Master Mason.

    My name will stay anonymous for obvious reasons. I am a Master Mason. That is the highest rank of the Freemason organization. I cannot give out information however. But, I am hoping this will prove to you the Illuminati is real. It does exist, and it has plans for the near future. If you do not believe, then don't. It will just keep it more of a secret, which is a good thing. Thank you, and have a great day.
    -Master Mason XXYY

  • The Truth hurts

    They are an efficient organisation started way back in BC their truth is that religion is a fake existence and that ADVANCE extraterrestrial were the acting Gods for our unexplained miracles that our cavemen defined it as Jesus. But they do not wish for us to not believe in religion because it is the only thing that is keeping us doing the right thing so we would follow their rules of living which is the economy it self. In symbolic media like in the Big bang theory TV show they would tell us that they created the Pyramids which stands for Economy. The illuminati is the cause of our success in this human race. They may create wars such as WW1 and 2 to decrease the population so that the economy would not break down due to over crowdness. Their Satanic belief maybe that we are occupied by an unfriendly supreme exterterestrial being or its fake due to some other organisaton working against them. Their plans may be harsh inhumane symbols from them but it is none of our business... They are more powerful then the government there is no use to fight them unless you have occupied another countries media or such as the communist party which currently have some international conflict between Nato which could be the sign of the oppsosing team... Their goal maybe to colonise other planets and theres one planet that seems interesting to everyones mind... Called Nibru which is a planet we discovered far distance that looks like another earth. Heaven maybe a symbol of doing the right thing and you will be rewarded to go to Heaven which is the new planet nibru and judgment day may be symbolic that when the day of earth comes to an end after the WW3 and our resources depleting and our enviroment is burning it is telling us that your success to the economy could lead you to the new planet as colonisers and since we are far advance we called it heaven for the fact that we would have more luxury and there will be a fresh new resources on the planet. Hell is symbolised as earth because of its abandoned poverty and nothing but dust like if it were the American theory of the Rapture. Which the movie Elysium closely symbolises their plan because right now Nibru is coming towards earth at an insane speed from billions of light years away.

  • Well of course.

    Secret societies have existed since human civilization began. They control things that the average person doesn't even fathom, cause drastic events...were probably behind 9/11, the Martin Luther King assassination, JFK assassination, the Lincoln assassination, the Holocaust, both World Wars, American Revolution, Napoleon's defeat, French Revolution, English Revolution, etc etc etc. Need I go on? It exists.

  • It may not be obvious, but nothing in this world is obvious. We have to look for what we want to see.

    The Illuminati's existence is a great controversy that can only be answered by evidence. Truthfully, many members of the worlds most current leaders and stars have been caught doing the same hand sign and handshake. This is no coincidence. There are many websites that argue whether the Illuminati is real or not. But it is. The Illuminati are getting even more powerful and threatening internationally, and there is no doubt about it. This is not a fear tactic, it is just a government weapon that was leaked out and now is exposed to the whole world through the internet. Well, if it is real or not, I guess we will find out in years to come.

  • Run for your lives

    I was born into the illuminati, as my parents met in the society. Anyways, I've come to warm you. The illuminati is planning to bomb South Dakota,Wisconsin, and Missouri. RUN! 🙀 If you live in one of those states, tell your friends, tell your family. And hide. If you want to know the specific cites, ask me. (I am not like the rest of them). The illuminati is real. They are coming to get you. One place at a time. Slowly, but surely. If you have any questions ask me.

  • Its real guys

    It must be real because there is an eye on the one dollar bill and thats certainly not a coincidence and accidents don't happen accidentally y'all know george washington was a free mason oooo thats sketchy also thats not really him on the one dollar bill its fake y'all being tricot lmaoo

  • Duh...

    It exists... Now, I am not a crazy. THEY DO NOT CONTROL OUR SOCIETY. These societies do exist--I Believe everyone agrees secret societies exist. However they have influence on anything. It is a FACT that they exist, but its debatable whether or not they are influencing us ( So everyone should say yes, and agree its total BS that they are a NWO.

  • Of course it's real.

    Look around you. Take out your wallet. Open it. Pull out your cash. Do you have a one dollar bill? Now examine it. Bring up google. Search what the words mean around the pyramid. Then search the goals of the Illuminati. There is your proof. They may be a secret society, but it's not really secret. The only thing they are keeping a secret is the ways they will bring about the New World Order.

  • I think its real. Wishing its not!

    I don't have any proof that Illuminati is real but can anyone explain me why do these signs; hand sign of a triangle, one eyed pyramids, and hiding one eye with a hand; come up in any music video that becomes famous or any other thing that becomes famous and rich? And why do the lyrics of these songs and music have bad things in them like drugs, sexual relationships and abusive words.

  • To put it simply...

    Illuminati obviously exist, we are human puppy dogs. Dogs can live on their own in the wild, but since they have been domesticated they rely on humans for food, company and all the basic necessities... 1% of the world population (48 people) control HALF of the worlds money... What do we THINK we need to survive... Money, we could live like animals in the wild, but we choose to abide by "the governments" rules.
    If you control the money you control the people.
    Who controls the money... 1% of the world... Therefore that 1% are illuminati.
    (Takes bow)

  • Show me proof, then I'll believe you.

    There is no proof, all that Anonymous has said is that secret societies exist. He has given no proof of any secret society and has made claims like that they were behind JFK, the Holocaust, and both World Wars. Do you think that with the war on organized crime and crime in general that a secret society could cause a world war without being detected??? The idea that the Illuminati exist is ridiculous!

  • It's basically a fear tactic.

    The whole theory of some kind of Illuminati is just kind of silly. I could give you several dozen reasons why it's highly, highly unlikely that a New World Order exists. For starters, where would you even find these people to begin with? You have these elected, greedy, most likely capitalist officials working to serve a one-world government that controls a supply of information? How does that make any sense? We are too globally connected for something that huge and complex (especially for the accredited influence they supposedly have) to go without any compelling evidence , and be virtually unnoticed for so long.

  • I doubt it.

    I am aware that the Illuminati was originated during the age of Enlightenment and they were considered to be a secret organization back then... however my inital thoughts are that they do not currently exist as of today. I do feel that they were in no way connected to the assassination of JFK or the Holocaust or anything else based upon prior knowledge.

  • I don't get it..

    So if the Illuminati is like some sort of secret organization/society/???, how come it's pretty much known to most humans? Not really a secret if people know about it.. That, and people are not stupid enough to not take notice of these 'life-changing' things or whatever the Illuminati will do for the world, don't even know (not as much as those who spend their time searching on this Illuminati).. Seriously, something that controls the entire world? I'm still skeptic. Also, I would like real evidence showing the Illuminati is real, not some opinions.. I don't care about opinions. I can't say secret societies never existed, though. I just kind of doubt this Illuminati thing is something people should easily believe in. If you guys want to show it's real, show real proof. Wasting your time on research instead of doubtful information is better.

  • GOD is in control, Not Man.

    To believe in a conspiracy theory such as this, it is necessary to be a devout atheist. Granted, their are a lot of atheist in this world, but Christians way out number them. Atheist believe in nothing but themselves, have no guidance but their self and are prone to failure.

  • GOD is in control, Not Man.

    To believe in a conspiracy theory such as this, it is necessary to be a devout atheist. Granted, their are a lot of atheist in this world, but Christians way out number them. Atheist believe in nothing but themselves, have no guidance but their self and are prone to failure.

  • It's a scapegoat so people don't have to address the real life and death issues that happen in the world.

    The government is corrupt and gets away with its corrupt secret acts already, and this is in every country. They don't need the illuminati to spread corruption, yet it's easier to blame the illuminati than to read boring books and research I guess.

    Blaming the illuminati makes people feel better about themselves so they can say "I'm not bad or brainwashed because the illuminati controls everything and I want to do good but that damn illuminati is stopping me. I'll waste my time telling people about it instead of caring about real issues".

    Blaming the illuminati, the devil, and lizard people are easy ways to stay in your comfortable bubble because you're not addressing a real person or a real group. Nobody is being challenged and nothing is being changed, but it's less stressful to care about conspiracy theories rather than the various problems that happen right in front of them.

    It also makes them feel smarter because nobody learns about the illuminati in school, since it's pointless to teach people about things with no factual evidence. So when they talk about it they sound smart to the gullible people and complain about how the people who don't believe them are "brainwashed" and close minded, which is hilariously ironic.

    Oh, and the most ridiculous part about believing the illuminati is real is believing that all these singers and rappers are a part of it.
    YES, because the government would love to work with beyonce and seth rogen to take over the world, that's definitely not a stupid thing to believe in...CERTAINLY NOT.

    Look, just because someone is mega rich or mega famous doesn't mean they have the ability to take over the world, let alone be qualified enough to work alongside the government.
    Most of these celebrities are just as dumb as you illuminati conspiracy theorists. So I am sure that if the government wanted to take over the world than they'd rather higher intelligent beings over rich people in the public eye.

    I am embarrassed that 46% of you said yes, that you believe in the illuminati.
    That alone makes me fear for the quality of intelligence in America.

  • Its all bs

    Every one says that they are real but honestly its just a cover up for people not taking their problems into their own hands its also just used to blame some one other then your self so just take it into your own hands instead of blaming bullshit stuff end

  • I think is a group of people who they want daid to evetything the opposite like if is white they said or vicerverce.

    But @ the same time they said the things like is real they figure out things so real ,like the dollar eye. The 13 arrows and on and on.Only God know the true or we have to be more busdy doing productive not have a chance to someone else washing our brain.

  • Someone to blame for shitty lives

    Back in the day, everyone beleived in God. They blamed him for all the shitty things that happened to them. Now that most people have understood that the idea is kind of silly, they have to find someone else to blame for all the bad things that happen and for the fact that they are not rich and succesful. Who would that be? A secret society of rich and powerful people who want to kill them like cattle so they can be all alone in the world. Riiiight........ And as for artits, they are just using those "symbols" as free marketing.

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