• Infrastructure Spending Will Create Jobs

    Hillary Clinton's plan to spend 275 billion dollars on infrastructure, creating roads, bridges, railways and airports is bound to create countless good-paying jobs for Americans. The chance that Donald Trump could steal the presidency from her seems slim at best, so this coming boost to employment seems like a sure thing at this point.

  • Jobs market will increase

    I think the jobs market is going to increase in the future. There are many companies out there looking for good talent, and as technology improves, the industry is going to need more and more people with the skills required to keep up the machines, and program them. I don't see the jobs market going down any time soon.

  • I sincerely hope so

    The US job market has not hit a plateau yet. Every month the economy scampers along. It is not completely robust yet but it is definitely hanging on. There are a lot of people that are under employed but at least they can feed themselves and their family. Businesses are still a bit timid when it comes to hiring, and bonuses. I hope they hire more people at livable wages soon.

  • No, the improvement in the job market is not going to last.

    The recent improvement in the United States labor market will not last. The economy has slowed substantially with GDP growth between 1 - 2%. A slow-growing economy like that cannot generate a lot of new jobs. Therefore, the labor market will likely weaken in the coming months. Furthermore, the weakening labor market will also hurt consumer spending; which will reduce business spending and hiring even further.

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