• People are distracted.

    Even though that the internet has some good qualities, most people spend more time watching Netflix, and dumb Youtube videos or scolling on social media trying to win validation from peers... As if they are still in high school. The bad things easily outweight the good things. Despite the beneficial aspects, most people are abusing the privilege of access to information and are becoming dumber.

  • No, the internet has done so much good for the world.

    The internet itself is not bad. There are many postive things that people take for granted about the internet. What they harp on instead is the negatives of the internet. With all new inventions and technology there are going to be people who take advantage of it and put out bad things. Over time I think this will be limited more.

  • It is Amazing

    The internet is the greatest collection of information ever assembled in the history of mankind. It puts basically all human knowledge in front of billions of people worldwide instantly. With the knowledge available on the internet, more and more people can contribute to the knowledge base and have the ability to make and improve products.

  • Internet is the new wave

    Please don't get me wrong, there are some dark sides to the Internet, such as piracy, and bullying; but, the Internet also offers so much more positive that people tend to overlook. For example, these days you can attend school online, work at home, pay your bills, apply for new jobs, and even use certain websites to meet your significant other.

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