• More Interactive Than Books

    The Internet is better than books in that there are more interactive elements such as audio and video. Books leave more to the imagination, but humans enjoy stimulation of all five senses, not just an active imagination. The Internet fosters for intelligent interaction while books are pure immersion into your own mind.

  • What's wrong with an old fashion book?

    Books allow you to to get a better understanding and makes your mind work. Books are also more interesting. When I read a book, my mind starts screaming out what-if's. I feel like books are a journey, all leading up to the destination of the ending. Plus, you don't need WiFi to read a book!

  • Books, Books, Books!

    Books are and always will be better than the internet, unlike the internet they have very little negative aspect and are much less dangerous. It is also safer physically and safety-wise to carry your book around than taking your device. Books are and always will be better than the internet!

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