• Internet is good because you can stay updated on new news or other things

    It's because you can stay updated on current events such as disasters
    for example, you can know if there is a accidents and that people can
    take more precaution on the street. Another example is that if there is a new threats to your own country you can be-wary, that is why internet is good.

  • Good can go too Far

    The Internet is good, but like any other good, it can be taken too far. The Internet is an excellent information and communication source. If it is used excessively, it can become addictive or limit social interaction. This can cause problems in the health and life of the person who allows himself or herself to become addicted.

  • Yes, yes, yes. It's an incredibly powerful tool to advance the common interests of mankind.

    The Internet is an irreplaceable and natural advancement in communication technology, and one that has improved (most of) our lives tremendously. It is the most powerful research tool in the history of civilization, the widest and most convenient marketplace ever established, the most versatile entertainment venue, and more. The Internet was very much a novelty during my childhood, but even then it changed the world irreversibly, bringing humanity closer together and helping us to achieve our goals.

  • The internet is not good.

    The Internet is mostly used for gossip, entertainment, and pornography. It has also made it easier for terrorists to communicate, and for thieves to steal large amounts of money from people. The Internet causes people to waste time and it is a huge loss in productivity for the workplace. The Internet does more harm than good.

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