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  • Internet is the best invention ever

    Because I say so. I would not lie about it so believe me its true. If i afirm something this is what it is. So according to me it is the best invention ever. Dot to the line and end of the story. No argue can defeat it at all.

  • The Internet Is Definitely the best invention!

    Through the years, many inventions have enhanced the way we lived. They have brought a revolutionary change to Earth. For me as a child, I think that the internet has been the invention for me that impacted my life significantly.

    To begin with, the internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use a protocol server to link billions of devices worldwide. It has many purposes, but I use the internet specifically for gathering information, doing school work, playing games, and doing some online shopping. For example, the only way I am able to explain to you why the internet is so great is because of the internet that allows me to type this up. Think about this, without the internet you would not know a lot of things. Of course, you could watch the news, or read a book. But, it is more efficient to use the internet and get your answer in the blink of an eye. Children at school go on educational websites to learn and do tests that were typed up on the internet. Did you know that about 3% of the jobs are internet based? That is still pretty fascinating because all you need is a laptop and you can start making money right where you are. Try to name an invention better than that!

    Furthermore, the internet is also great enough that it connects us with everything in many different ways. It allows us to be closer to our friends by a couple of buttons, like video calling them on skype or viber. Not only that but on the internet you could send an email which would only take a couple of seconds to get to someone rather than sending a letter which would take a couple of days to get to them. All I want to say is that the internet can lead you through life's obstacles by creating many paths leading to anything you desire.

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  • Equality around the world

    By far, looking back at it in 50 to 100 years, the internet would be the best invention in the history of mankind. The reason for my statement is that it will create an even playing field for every inhabitant of this planet, without they need for money, power and social status. Education will become available to everyone regardless of where they live, what language they currently speak, who their parents are and if they can afford to provide for schooling.

  • The internet is the best thing!

    The internet connects us with everything.It allows us to be closer to our friends by a couple of buttons. By video calling them o skype or viber or they could get text from us which would only take a coupe of seconds to get to them. Rather than sending a letter which would take a couple of days to get to them.

    It lets us connect with the world around us by letting us know what is happening around us and the world.

    If you want a support you can rely on the internet. Because it helps you find out the answer you need .

    It helps you in lots of places to find the answer such as : school. Office, hospital etc.....

    All I want t say that every thing is on the internet on lead you through life's obstacles

  • Other inventions better than internet

    So many inventions are better than the Internet. The wheel, the engine, the light bulb, the telephone, penicillin/vaccines etc etc. We did not have internet a few decades ago, and life was good. Without the other inventions we would not have achieved this progress. Internet is useful, but also a dangerous collection of non-peer reviews material which naive, uneducated people believe is the "truth". There are much better inventions out there.

  • The wheel- The real best invention.

    Without the wheel, could we have ever achieved the internet? From machines like Alan's back in the day, wheels were the biggest part of the race to actually create the internet. Without wheels, we wouldn't be able to do so so so many things (like transport) but without the internet, we could still survive as humans.

  • Internet best invention ever

    I'm sorry but in all of mankind the Internet is not the best invention. When you have such pivotal inventions as writing, or the wheel, or agriculture, I have to say it is "one" of the greatest, but not the greatest. Don't get me wrong it is a marvel, but not the best.

  • How can we believe it the best?

    As we look through time itself we will find that there has been many invention and innovation that we have called the "best thing that has ever happened" Let remember that the Internet like most other tool of innovation is just that another tool. Look back on it, have you read about the Pony Express? This is how mail and other important message traveled across our nation. The telegraph. The light bulb, The air conditioner and many other invention are just stepping stones to the next big thing.

  • It is not the best invention ever.

    Think about it. The internet couldn't have existed before other inventions, such as the computer. The computer wouldn't have existed unless the gear was invented. The gear couldn't exist without the wheel, and so on, meaning the invention before the wheel more Important. The internet wouldn't have existed before the wheel, just like a pyramid without a base

  • Nothing is the best.

    Even the invention of Language and communication is not the best.
    People have different opinions, and there for nothing would be the best.
    However, nothing is better than the invention of the universe.
    Or is there . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Good invention, but not the best

    The internet is a great invention, but I wouldn't call it the best invention ever. A lot of other things have been invented before the internet and they which hold greater significance. The internet is an amazing way to connect with people all over the world, collect information within a short amount of time, and gives us a source of entertainment. I would say the invention of the light bulb, electricity, or even the printing press to be one of the best inventions, not the internet.

  • Its and excellent invention, but is it the best?

    I couldn't imagine our lives today without internet. Internet is one of the greatest inventions, however its not the best. The internet has spread knowledge, let us communicate, etc. but what about electricity. I'm not saying that electricity is the best invention but there would not be internet without electricity. I'm not sure what I would say the best invention is but it would probably be something that actually helps like, if we are ever sick.

  • No, there are other inventions that make people live longer.

    Although granted, the internet is an amazing database where information can be discovered and shared, it is not as vital to life as other inventions. For example, the invention of the vaccine has saved thousands of human lives from contracting deadly diseases. Also, there is the LifeStraw, a straw that when you drink from it, it purifies the water. It saves many people from dying from drinking impure water.

  • The internet is not the best invention ever.

    The internet connects the whole world together. It is a database of nearly everything, from history to medical care. It's awesome, but we wouldn't have it today if it weren't for electricity. We wouldn't have electricity if it weren't for the invention that inspired it. And it goes all the way back to a very early invention that we just don't know. For all we know, the invention of fire could of led to the internet, making fire the best invention ever. In order to figure it out, we'd have to follow the path of inventions that led to the internet.

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