Is the Jerry Springer show a disgrace to quality television?

Asked by: daytonanerd
  • Not only a disgrace to television, but to man kind as well

    The Jerry springer show is one of the most disgusted, backwashed, horrific shows to be aired on television. And the only thing worse than the people on the show are the disgusting audience members who get some entertainment from the lives of the people on the show. I understand watching to watch. I would never. Tell anyone that this that or another isn’t entertaining, because who am I to determine. But to go and watch the show live, to allow a delusional man with a microphone to hurt these already hurting people as others cheer him on, is a testemant to the ill mattered nature of human kind.

  • Specific programs can influence personal perception

    Awful show and may encourage a lifestyle to be accepted that just how life is at home. Although dysfunctional families do exist, we need more programs/shows to encourage a healthier psychological personal/family life. What's worst, some viewers are laughing (taking pleasure) at others unfortunate experiences. I'm not stating to be kind, but this is considered entertainment? All in the name of TV ratings.

  • This is the worst show ever very trashy

    . I hate the Jerry Springer Show is very trashy it's about the same thing all the time and it's like he gets off on seeing these people beat on each other is a very lousy show I hope they take it off :(... Just a very disgusting show .

  • yes it is

    While I used to watch the Jerry Springer show many many years ago, I can safely say that since then I have grown up a bit and now am a much more mature person. His show is terrible and has no business being shown to the people around this world.

  • Jerry Springer's show is a disgrace!

    Jerry Springer's show can not be taken seriously. "I am having my sixth baby, have five baby daddies, and I don't know who the father of my sixth baby is." Really? All the fighting, the audience cheering it on; JERRY JERRY! I would be disgraced if my family aired their dirty laundry out for the world to see. Mortified! Quality television would be the discovery channel, or the family channel. Even most of USA is better.

  • Yes It Is

    The Jerry Springer Show is terrible. It is fictional drama that begin to become redundant after a while. The show people with too much free time that have nothing else to watch. That's the only plausible reason why people would want to watch a bunch of people on stage swearing, fighting, and arguing with audience members.

  • It's no better than most TV shows.

    ABC is filled with terribly written dramas with absolute garbage and mundane situations. Jerry Springer, if it is fake (I'd like to see you prove it), is at least REAL. People can interact with who is on stage, and sometimes a lesson is to be learned. It's nothing more than an off-the-leash Steve Wilkos. The audience can make an example from the stage talkers and LEARN from it.

  • No, we are a free country.

    We should have the right to watch a show like Jerry Springer or a show like Charlie Rose. Plus, Springer (and shows like it) are the only shows that show REAL people - unless you are on the local news for some reason. And, it is for entertainment. If you don't like it, change the channel.

  • No the Jerry Springer show is not a disgrace to quality television.

    I am tired of watching the same boring things on television. Jerry Springer changed television with his show. It is interesting, funny, and cheers you up when you are feeling down. Most conservatives hate The Jerry Springer Show. If you do not like it, you do not have to watch.

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