• Yes, the issue is newsworthy, but it is unfortunate that it is.

    The way news has progressed, it is a surprise that people are still learning about events that are actually important and happening in the world, when so many of our TV news programs, internet news, and magazines focus on silly, irrelevant matters, or prey on the unhappiness of the successful. Their break-up is exciting to people, and many would rather hear about things like this, rather than focusing on the couple as individual, talented, athletes.

  • Everything can be newsworthy

    Come on, people! Don't you think it's time to stop pretending that we, based on our subjective criteria, are capable of deciding what is newsworthy and what is not. If this subject is in the news all over the country it must obey to a superior interest: the public's right to set their own information agenda.

  • Kirilenko-Ovechkin Issue is Non-Issue

    The world stood still the moment it learned the NHL hockey player Alexander Ovechkin and tennis star Maria Kirilenko announced they were no longer engaged. Your right, the world did not stop. It did not even notice. Focus has been, and should be, on important news events that can change our world. Events such as the downing of MH17, the ongoing combat in Gaza, and the continuing war in Syria. While I am sure the news of the break-up for Ovechkin and Kirilenko is important and life-changing, it is not for the rest of us.

  • The Kirilenko-Ovechkin issue might not be newsworthy, but it certainly sells.

    The Kirilenko-Ovechkin does not strike me as at all worthy of the press attention it has received. Generally, the personal lives of sports stars should not affect how we perceive them as athletes, however, people are still interested in the story. This issue is certainly not worthy of in depth coverage, however.

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