• Yes, oil drilling should be banned.

    Yes, oil drilling should be banned. Oil drilling is not safe for humans, other animals, or the environment. We are going to run out of oil in the not so distant future, so we should start to invest more in alternate resources, and start to divest in oil, which is killing the environment.

  • Or at least much more carefully overseen

    Oil drilling has had some massive ecological consequences. The latest spill closed the Houston channel for 15 hours, and it was lucky that there was no loss of life. It's damaging to wildlife, the atmosphere and to humans. We need to find a safer way to extract and move oil, and reduce our dependence on it. Not saying completely ban drilling, but tighten up on it.

  • Yes, oil drilling should be banned.

    Yes, oil drilling should be banned because there are many clean ways to power our vehicles and homes without destroying the environment. There are too many dangers to drilling and we should be more focused on how to prevent climate change and less on how we can fuel our cars.

  • We need the oil

    Drilling should not be banned, because the world relies too much on the oil being pumped out of the ground. However, the country should mobilize some sort of oil contamination crew that's ready to head out to a disaster site and start working immediately. A little bit of responsibility for our dangerous activities is just common sense.

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