Sorry but nothing can overthrow LOTR not even HP and god forbid not HG. Hunger games is boring, the first film yes, okay was good, however from then on the others after it are not even worth the watch. However with LOTR afte the first film the films just keep getting better and better making the trilogy as a whole a work of art.

  • For the people arguing for Hunger Games, Back to The Future, The Godfather, and Star Wars

    What is something all of these trilogies have in common that Lord of The Rings missed out on. That's right, every single other one of these trilogies other than arguably Star Wars had a significant drop off in quality after the original. None of the sequels could live up to the original, especially with Back to the Future and the Godfather. Star Wars hit it's peak in Empire Strikes Back. Both Mockingjay movies were godawful trashheaps. But Lord of The Rings started off as a masterpiece and only got better with each movie. Not only that, but you can watch the entire 10 hour LoTR trilogy as one movie and it actually works perfectly. The only other trilogy that is kind of like this is Hunger Games, but the third and fourth movies (disqualifying it as a trilogy all together now that I think about it) were really bad. The only other trilogy that is consistently as amazing as LoTR is Toy Story, but LoTR still wins.

  • There is no competition

    No doubt. Star Wars is just a bunch of nostalgia. The Star Wars movies were okay. Godmother, meh alright. Lord of the rings has the best battle scenes ever made. Hunger games is a bunch of girl power bullshit with a rate of decay throughout its follow ups. No chance

  • Without a doubt the best film trilogy ever

    Each of the 3 films is perfect and stand on it's own, and the whole forms an unforgettable journey. There is action, love, numerous yet strong characters.
    Most importantly, the three films do something that most films are missing out nowadays : they take the time needed to tell a story. The scenes are not rushed, everything is properly developed.
    And of course, the film is visually incredible, and the music which accompany the footage is exquisite.

  • Lord of the Rings is modt definitely a cinematic masterpiece and will go down as an alltime classic.

    Throughout the duration of the 11 hour extended edition runtime i have never been more enthralled in the mesmerising action bursting out in a mastery of film. I am one of the lucky few to have a home cinema and i can tell you that these films reach unbeatable hights in terms of audio and the overall score across the three films. The makeup especially is wonderfully crafted to throw you into the mystery. I particulary enjoyed the the Shire theme composed beautifully by the thoughtful and talented Howard Shore. The piece often plays in the most darkest of times in the trilogy and it brings a sense of warmth and nostalgia, calling back to the hobbit homeland of the shire and the lovely times the two main characters, Frodo and Sam, had together there. At times it even brought a delightful tear to my eye. Even now as i write this i am listening to the soundtrack. I can honestly say that this might very well be the very best movie soundtrack to have ever graced audiences ears. With the loud booms of the brass and drums as the armies aproach, to the subtle violins and sometimes flute being utilized to create a sense of home and warmth as previously mentioned. I invite you all to listen the this masterpiece. And remember, friends, that this is only the score! You simply have to watch this as soon as possible! To not complete the trillogy is a huge missed oppertunity.
    Throughout the epic that is the lord of the rings you are treated to marvellous characters ranging from the noble kings and soldiers to the innocent 4 ft. Hobbits. Not to mention the wide veriety of wraiths and evil doers that wreak havoc across the plains of middle earth! As you progress through the cinematic masterpieces you grow strong emotional connections to the main characters as they are so expertly crafted and they all have their own personalities and goals that are, for the most part, relatable. All of the characters are very well acted also.
    To compare this with the hunger games or any other trillogy for that matter (yes even star wars for all its technical achievements for its time) is utterly pointless as nothing is on par with such a perfect treasure that is the Lord of the Rings.
    If you dont own it yet, buy it. If you own it on DVD get the DVD extended edtion boxset, if you own that get the blu ray extended edition trillogy boxset. YOU NEED THIS TRILLOGY ON YOUR SHELF NOW!

  • LOTR is the very best of the best movies all time,,, it's my passion.

    Lord of the rings is greatest movie because :-
    three parts were nominated to thirty Oscar, got seventeen of them.
    The fellowship of the ring was nominated for thirteen Award ,.
    The two towers was nominated for six awards..
    The Return of the King was nominated for eleven award obtained all..
    It was filmed more than 1,800 kilometers during production.
    It has been producing 48,000 sword and ax and shield.
    The largest number of real images of horses in the two hundred and fifty thousand horsepower one scene.
    Total years of work in the three parts of the film eight years.
    Total duration of three parts: 680 minutes (or 11 hours and 20 minutes).

    "Lord of the Rings," a new film, but ancient legend talked about the good times and the goodness that exists and the possibility of victory over evil, and despite the lack of political discipline or perhaps the lack of political discipline it succeed; because we want to dream and breathe, and a little lack of discipline does not hurt, but brings us back to our childhood.

  • Simple a MASTERPIECE

    Lord of the rings gives you another aspect of our chaotic world. Every time I watch this, I would always end up with tears dripping down my face unstoppably. Generally, sad dramatic movies would make you cry due to the melancholy sadness, but in this case, we all cried because of how happy we are, and how amazing the trilogy is. Would I rewatch the trilogy again? Definitely. Will it always remain as my favorite trilogy? Definitely. Most importantly, it has encouraged to work hard, and keep looking forward, so that one day, I could build my own Shire and live the last days of my life in solitary.

  • It shows an alternate version of reality

    It demonstrates what we were or could have been should fate take a hand. It shows us what to fight for and that we can do anything. We are a united race. It tackles all of today's problems. It is also great as it's a worlds free from allegory (telling a historical story), which in this case would have been World War Two

  • Masterpiece of cinema

    The Lord of the Rings films by Peter Jackson made what was once touted as an unfilmable series into one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time. The epic scope, the acting, the cinematography and the passion put into these films is truly staggering and it will forever be a masterpiece.

  • G o a t

    I am a big fan of both Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings. However I'm shocked there are people even comparing them. LOTR is already proven to be a classic, standing the test of time. LOTR has been around longer and, no doubt, will be around longer than HG.

  • No!

    Have any of you heard of The Hunger Games trilogy? It is so amazing, right now I'm mentally smacking all the people who said yes in my head. The Lord of the Rings is just a bunch of fictional stuff, while The Hunger Games actually could happen! For all I know, in 3 seconds all of North America could burst up into flames, and then a new nation begins, and then the story comes into real life! Anyways, I recommend this book to all of you who haven't read it yet. It's totally AMAZING.

  • I'll make you an argument you can't refuse...

    The Godfather trilogy is far better, cinematically and plot-wise, than The Lord of the Rings. It combines gritty realism and crime ridden savagery with the romance only the mafia can provide. The characters are subtle and real, not blatant archetypes. Instead of a quest to vanquish evil they are driven by greed, family, justice or any other true and human motives.

    Don't allow the other "No" voters, who wrongly cite the Hunger Games as an example of cinematic excellence, to discredit the position that The Lord of the Rings is not the best movie trilogy ever made. With that said, however, it is a masterpiece despite that, full of life and a distinct sense of Tolkien's vision. The Lord of the Rings is definitely great, but it is not the best.

  • How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously you people have never heard of The Hunger games. Even though the last movie hasn't come out yet, T he Hunger Games is one of the best trilogies ever written.

    And what about The Infernal Devices (by Cassandra Clare)? Is this trilogy not worth the title of 'Best Trilogy Ever Made'? Sure, they haven't made a movie yet but the title wasn't very specific!

  • Really? The movies were just ok.

    This is about th movies, right? The movies were ok, perhaps. Set aside the books they were based upon, and the movies are little more than slow moving fantasy epics. Star Wars is better, The Godfather is better. Hell, Back to the Future, Terminator, and Home Allne are more entertaining.

  • In my opinion

    Back to the future, for exemple ...
    Or The Godfather ...
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  • In my opinion

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    Or The Godfather ...
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  • Not quite so

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    The Godfather ...
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  • The best trilogy

    The Lord of the rings is better than hunger games because it was emotional at the ending and has a good script while hunger games is a bunch of bullshit because it is a boring book that doesn't even happen in the furture also hunger games is not a good movie

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