Is the media responsible for social and political conflicts?

  • Media ruins our thoughts!

    The media is a very biased and they are 100% responsible for social and political conflicts. The media tells you what is not always true. They put things on new channels and movies that are not usually true. They make it seem as if all Muslims are bad people, or all Chinese people have small eyes. They often exaggerate to improve their ratings and to bring in more money.

  • Yes, the media has been somewhat responsible for social and political conflicts.

    The media has definitely caused some conflicts. Social media, for example, has led to people rising up and attempting to overthrow politics/government. The media pushes the envelope a lot of the time, so that society's mindset might change (or start to change) on certain social issues, such as drug use, sex, and other hot buttons the media likes to push. The media pushes for change, but it's ultimately people who decide whether or not they are going to accept the new ideas that the media is putting forth.

  • It is not as media works after the social conflicts

    Media is the thing which works for the society and to the society . It takes place after any deed in the state, country, or any continent . Media is responsible only and only when it is wrong and it is rarely found that media is wrong . Media show the truth.

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