• Middle East Just a Fraction of World Turmoil

    The Middle East, all though it is constantly in the news, is the not the sole place of world turmoil. We only have to look past the Middle East to see that turmoil and unrest are abundant in many places across the globe such as Africa, Ukraine, Chechnya, and many South American countries. The media just does not focus on these areas as much as it does the Middle East. That does not mean that the other areas that are currently suffering are less important. They are equally as important and have just as much effect on the rest of the world as the Middle East does.

  • The middle east is not the only part of the world in turmoil

    While the Middle East is not the only part of the world in turmoil, it is the biggest hotbed of violence on earth. We can certainly point to other violence, such as in the inner cities of the United States, the Middle East has the potential of and golfing the entire world into violent chaos.

  • The Middle East has suffered, but they're not the only ones

    The Middle East is a region that seems to be constantly in the news, with bombings and terrorist attacks constantly rocking the foundation of their societies. What with ISIS becoming a growing global threat, however, the tragedies of the Middle East cannot be dismissed as contained to just that one part of the world.

  • Turmoil exists across our entire planet.

    When it comes to turmoil facing our world, much of the focus of the media is centered on the Middle East. While so much turmoil is taking place in the Middle East, it is important to remember that there is much devastation and atrocities happening across the entire planet. Issues may vary from country to country, but the Middle East is not the only area of our world experiencing extremely troubled times.

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