• It's purely ceremonial.

    The monarchy is an outdated institution that needs to be done away with. There's no reason to have a royal family, there are plenty of other dignitaries who can promote the United Kingdom without the expense involved in maintaining these people. We don't need this pointless, expensive decoration when we can barely afford our health care these days.

  • I say we get rid of all the European "constitutional" monarchies, except for two of them

    Spain and Norway.
    England's monarchy is corrupt
    Denmark's monarchy is corrupt
    Many of them still behave like absolute monarchs. It's really annoying
    Sweden is another one.

    The absolute monarchy in the Vatican behaves better than some of the constitutional monarchies. They don't rule over a country. The Vatican is one because the monks and nuns agree to abide by a certain way of living.

  • Oppression! YAY !

    YAY! We celebrate people whose ancestors used to oppress our ancestors and now take money from the taxpayers but have no authority or purpose! YAY!

    Now I must use the remaining words to explain my plot to kill the royal family. I will gouge out their eyes with a spork and mutilate their genitalia. Reproduce now b*tches!

  • They don't do anything!

    I'm British and to be honest, Britain LOVES the monarchy, however I don't see why! Monarchs receive millions of pounds, yet they don't do anything. In fact, the whole royal family don't actually do anything apart from public visits and speeches. It just annoys me that there is such a big fuss of a family, that don't seem to do anything significant. For example: When Kate and William had their child, the country went wild and to be honest, I could sick of hearing about it! Everyone was like: "Oooo, our future king has been born!" My reply was: "And? He's not exactly going to make a difference is he? He's just a new addition to the media's pointless stories!"

  • Totally useless trash

    Any real investigation into the brit royal family would reveal they are just common criminals hiding behind a crown. Look at will and harry, useless, never worked a day in their life. Use their mom to generate sympathy for their useless asses. Mommy this and mommy that, cry baby bitches

  • Monarchys don't support the needed equality for it to be the best

    I personally believe that the monarchy system is a more outdated form of government and like Freyalibra3 said they dont really do anything that supports a healthy flow of economy. I personally believe that democracy is the way of the future as it supports the ability to vote publicly on decisions to effect what the government is currently doing.

  • Lets start with the obvious. The two most oppressive countries on the planet (Saudi Arabia and North Korea) are absolute monarchies.

    "But wait" I hear you cry "What about Britain and Norway and Spain where their monarchs have no power?"

    Well, in that case whats the point of them? There are some governments (such as India's) where the head of government (the prime minister) has most of the power while a head of state (the president) has limited power that they can still use.

    "But they represent the people"

    How? They were given their position by birthright, not hard work and perseverance. How can I respect them for that? I can respect even the most heinous dictators by the sheer virtue of them at least putting effort into achieving their position of power.

    In a modern society anyone should be able to be what they want. Democratic countries such as France or Germany can offer to anyone the position of head of state. Even repressive former countries such as the USSR in theory the lowliest worker could become head of state. Yet in a monarchy this is not the case - where people are not citizens but subjects.

  • What's so great about republics?

    Monarchy provides a non-partisan figurehead for a country with whom we can all unite. Elected politicians are invariably divisive figures (by their very nature, they alienate opposition supporters). In political crises, the Monarch can act as an important apolitical arbitrator and the Head of State remains above the political fray (thus offering country stability). There is also a lot more chance for national celebration with a Monarchy; in a republic you're lucky if you get one national event every few decades, Monarchy offers continuous points for retrospection and celebration.

    There is nothing intrinsically better about republics, though there are many advantages to constitutional monarchy - why switch to a worse system?

  • Monarchies are great!

    Monarchy is the best form of government. The monarch does not have to ally itself with economic or political groups to get elected, therefore its only interest is the people's welfare. The most advanced countries in the world are monarchies: Japan, Norway, Denmark, Britain, Sweden and many others. And history tells us that in all countries where the monarchy fell the situation only got worst ( such as Brazil and Russia).

    Posted by: JRRS

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