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  • It's so obvious.

    Moon has four letters. The two in the middle are the same, and the ends are one apart. So,
    middle=same and ends=one apart.
    Remember that.
    Anyway, the moon is in the sky, just like the sun. Sun sounds like son. Son and daughter. Daughter is one letter away from laughter. Jokes cause laughter. Jokes come in books. Books have ends. Ends = one apart. What's one apart from books in the dictionary? Bookbinding. The end of that word is "ding". Bells go ding. Bells are in towers. Towers are tall. Pyramids are tall. They're the same. Same = middle, remember. A famous pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza. What's in the middle of Giza. I. An eye in the middle of a pyramid. The moon is the illuminati confirmed.

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