Is the moral behavior of people within our society negatively impacted by television programming?

  • It aggravates but does not cause loss of values.

    Obscenity, violence and etcetera is shown on Tv but they only show what society wants to see. Society is the cause of the programmes that are shown on Tv and in turn the cause of the negative impact on moral behavior. Tv can impact but the root cause originates from society.

  • Televisions is only entertainment; for the political, the uneducated, and the gullible.

    Television was created for 3 main reasons. To keep people aware of what the government wants you to know, to entertain the wealthy; games, soap operas, etc., and to swindle the uneducated; info-mercials, "cultural" channels etc. There are some channels that are educating, but for the most part, now days it is full of crap to fill your head up with nonsense. For instance, if you lived a town that had no real knowledge of who black people were, but you watched a lot of television, you would have a misconception of how all blacks were. Moreover, if you were to watch what was going on with racial tensions you would be turning your nose up at every black person you saw because you are so connected to the television that you cannot even discover another race and its culture for yourself. Ignorance is only bliss for the perpetrator.

  • Yes it effects the society but.....

    People should have their own minds.Whatever is shown on tv specially influences teenagers(i know because i m on)most of them,thus, try to follow whatever they see without knowing whether its right or wrong.Tv effects the society and morality very badly beacause there s nothing good to root for and when they dont have good shows they start watching the bad,adult ones..........

  • Tv is poison

    Endless commercials/commercialism, occult symbolism, vapid materialism, shows about petty one-upmanship, advocation of meat consumption, popularization of eroded families, children viewers being targeted, subverting ideas about gender roles and stereotypes, glorification of petty sports (which is nothing but spectacle), news outlets that pit sides upon an archaic bi-partisan system (which is not democratic), all of tv is controlled by 5 companies- so there is no real objective views being presented, confirmation that "keeping up with the jones's is an ok mentality to have, etc.
    Altogether, television is anti, Christian- for the most part.

  • Is TV screwing the Americans minds

    Yes, they are. The people who watch violent movies learn from what they see. Watch and learn. Most teenagers learn there attitude or the way the talk from there characters in there TV shows. If they watch everyday like the average teenage person the will become used to that. Violent movies like the hunger games will tend them to think after a while that that is okay and they think of other ways of killing. If they are even in a small bad situation they will resource to what they know from what they watch so violent movies or worse video games are a horrible idea for future generations

  • Mary ann lee

    People tend to do what they see others do on telivision because thats what they tend to feel like thats what life is about. If we are surrounded by images, messages that set a certain "standard" for moral conduct and social behavior, even if as a society we do not accept the behavior, we are desensitized by it and then more more likely to embrace it, emulate it and tolerate it in our personal lives.

  • Of course it does

    If we are surrounded by images, messages that set a certain "standard" for moral conduct and social behavior, even if as a society we do not accept the behavior, we are desensitized by it and then more more likely to embrace it, emulate it and tolerate it in our personal lives.

  • Yes i do agree

    Mass media has are huge impact in the moral behavior in our society. These is because soe people tend to loosened up and follow the ways things are done in the television and they forget their own ways of doing things which make are society unique or conspicous. Since almost 95% of the family have television, I'm not saying that television is execrable its only our perspective that counts.If u choose to be the slave or the master of it the effect will be on us.

  • Persuasive negative media

    The media can make a variety of negative and destructive behavior look acceptable and entice youthful minds to be attracted to making wrong choices. Also the home life and upbringing can have a huge factor in the decisions of young people. It's unfortunate that today's youth are so sis sentinel

  • Morality is declining today.

    The moral decline of America has been an ongoing issue. My opinion, being well aware that everyone has their own beliefs, is that we have strayed too far from God. If you look in the book of Judges, the Lord delivered Israel to its enemies because they were morally corrupt. Now Christians, Catholics and Jews have flaws, but so does everyone. People in America have become numb to suffering and injustice because we face it, and do it, every day.

  • Personal responsibility still counts

    Regardless of the contextualization of moral behaviors and decisions by television , people understand the difference between fantasy and reality and to some how state that people are becoming more immoral because of television is absurd. What is being view as the decline of morality in America is actually the opening of perspectives of America. Its insane to think that a high school teacher would make the decision to produce and sell crystal meth, but its interesting to see how convincing and believable it is that it occurs under justifiable circumstances. What is defined as the decline of morality is just the loss of one subjective consensus of morality due to the introduction of new perspectives. Television is an information medium; as people become privy to the fact that the very people that they consider immoral have morals of their own they become disillusioned with rigid moral systems e.G. Religions, political ideology, certain beliefs. Individuals are still and always will be responsible for the actions they take no matter the cultural influences , but now with the advent of television they will be able to see new perspectives on their moral decisions and behaviors.

  • Take Some Responsibility People

    OK, honestly I don't know completely for sure and it very well could impact that. But seriously people need to quit putting the blame for their bad behavior on external forces. "Oh I couldn't help it, it was the video games." "Oh I couldn't help it, it was my parents." "Oh I couldn't help it, it was my brain chemistry."(which is actually an internal force and one that you are intimately involved in altering every moment of your life)

    Get over yourselves people. You have choices. Make them and own them.

  • I do believe that television is a contributing factor, but I do not believe it is the only cause.

    Television really only impacts the young and the impressionable. Parents should take an active role in their children's moral development, and a good example of this would be teaching the child the difference between fantasy and reality. Television programming is 100% fantasy. So, if people understand the difference between fantasy and reality, then there will be no issues with moral problems caused by television, books or media, in general. In which case, it falls on those who raise the person, as to what has caused moral decay.

    Posted by: KindErik
  • No, people's moral behavior is not negatively impacted by television, because television is just another media, and people can make choices about what they do in life.

    Most young people today get most of their information from electronic media, but most of it is from the Internet. Television is very tame, compared to this influence. People have choices in how they act, and we need to make them responsible for their own actions. There will always be a source from which people learn new information, and the source itself cannot be labeled as "bad". People's choices are the determining factor.

    Posted by: I0ckHead
  • No, there is no evidence that moral behavior is negatively influenced by television programming.

    I don't believe there is any reliable evidence that moral behavior is negatively impacted by television programming. Studies have not unambiguously shown a causal link between television programming and bad behavior. Countries with more lax rules about television programming do not have a higher incidence of immoral behavior. People can easily separate the fantasy of a television show from reality, and there is no evidence that witnessing immoral behavior leads people to imitate it.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • Television does not negatively impact society because the core values are learned at home from the parents.

    It is really easy to blame various external factors for issues in society today, however, the key thing that has an impact is the values that people develop as children at home. It is important for the parents to take the time to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. Once these are instilled properly then things like what is aired on TV will not play a role in society.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Television programming does not negatively impact moral behavior, but rather educates society on others moral perceptions.

    Television programming does not negatively impact moral behavior, but rather educates society on others moral perceptions. Traditional American moral values are not the values of the entire world. We are learning that morals of the Islam world would seem overly restrictive on Americans, while philosophies of the east, such as Buddhism, teach us that not harming others is more important than conformance to western religious dogma. Although, television presents more graphic information on personal relationships, crime rates in the U.S. have continued to decrease.

    Posted by: P03tPoId
  • I disagree that moral behavior of people within our society is negatively impacted by television programming, people know what's right and wrong.

    People who have good moral behavior, will always have good moral behavior, regardless of what they watch, or see other people do. People have free will and their own mind, they know what's an appropriate way to act and what is inappropriate, regardless. People are held accountable for their own actions.

    Posted by: boobop
  • Moral behavior is not negatively impacted by television because humans are not that easily influenced.

    People have been behaving immorally since we evolved the capacity to understand morality. They do so because of instinctive urges, or because of broad social influences. Television is a tiny drop in the bucket, particularly among cynical consumers who grew up with it and are accustomed to filtering out media messages.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • Television does not negatively impact the moral behavior of society because media like television is a reflection of society not a creation of moral behavior.

    What was acceptable on television in the past has changed over the years. This change is due to a change in morals by society itself. Television is like a window into the depravity of society. If society thought it was wrong to show sex on television between an unmarried couple then it would. This doesn't cause people to think this is ok, this is because people already think it is ok. There is indeed a cause and effect relationship, but it is society causing the depravity visible on television.

    Posted by: T Richmond

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Anonymous says2013-04-24T11:21:05.287
Yes elevision has drastically influenced the behavior of our children negatively bc, hat they see they want to practice it, thou in the othe hand, disciplin parents can direct them fter watching a particular show