• It is degrading to women

    It is hard to believe people still treat other people this way in the year 2014. To make a women wear something that hides her face, and makes them second class citizens is not only damaging to society, but a disgrace. Cultural beliefs or not, the practice needs to be abolished in my opinion.

  • The Muslim Veil

    I personally think that the belief behind the veil is a really good thing that would help a society out a lot. They just do not want other men to be able to lust after their women, and the women do not want other men to see parts of them.

  • Yes, the Muslim veil is damaging to society.

    I definitely think that the Muslim veil is damaging to society. It promotes the idea that a woman should have to be an object that needs to hide behind a mask until it is okay for her to be presented to the world. It's a difficul subject matter because there a lot of instances where some of these women choose to wear it.

  • It is hardly a problem

    When a woman wears the hijab out of her own will, she is free to do so.
    We shouldn't stop someone from making that choice in their life.
    It would be more damaging to society if people do not respect cultural and religious diversity.
    There are more threatening things in the world than a simple piece of clothing.

  • The Muslim Veil

    People don't say that the Christian Nuns' veils damage society so I don't really see how it would be any different for the Muslims that do wear the veil. I personally wouldn't wear a veil if I were Muslim but I don't think it is right to stop others from wearing it if they wanted to.

  • We should respect other's differences

    The majority of people who are against women wearing veils claim that it is hazardous to a woman's dignity. This is understandable if you make this claim from a western perspective, as this cultural practice is alien to western society.

    However, many of the women who wear veils in non-western societies do so because the idea behind it is to protect themselves from being objectified based on bodily image. They find it rude and feel vulnerable when a man is lusting after their bodies, and therefore feel a sense of pride when they aren't judged and objectified for that reason.

    Another prominent reason behind wearing a veil is for the prevention of rape, which is unlawful. Non-consensual sex and the violation of a woman's body are obviously horrible things that should have no place in society. The U.S. (on a global scale) has the highest rates of rape, and the idea behind veiling is to eliminate rape/taking advantage of women's bodies, which is why rape is less prominent in those countries compared to others.


    The only reason behind veiling is to create a less "lustful" society in those countries, and it's not like only Muslim women do this (many other religions and cultures also involve women covering their hair). And it seems evident that when people mention "veiling" they imagine the full-body cloak and face covering, completely ignoring the fact that a very small minority of Muslim women actually do this. Most muslim women just simply cover their hair and wear modest clothing that doesn't exaggerate sexual features, and to them, this allows for a sense of pride and dignity. It's illogical to assume that wearing a peice of fabric directly correlates with societal destruction.

  • We cannot judge

    One thing about the Muslim veil is that it is sacared amung Muslims. This is a belief that they have had long before anybody can remember. This is there right and religion to do what they want and cover themselves up. I don't think it's damaging to society and we as people should respect there wishes to wear that they want and not judge.

  • It is good

    No, I think that the belief behind the veil is a really good thing that would help a society out a lot. They just do not want other men to be able to lust after their women, and the women do not want other men to see parts of them.

  • Inanimate fabric objects can't damage society

    The veil is damaging society in the same way that scarf is, to argue otherwise is simply ridiculous.

    Firstly, it's just an item of clothing, why does it matter if a woman chooses to wear one?

    Secondly, why does this question only single out Islam? Many Christian churches also encourage women to cover their hair.

    Thirdly, if society is being damaged, we simply cannot be attributed this to the minority of women followers of a minority religion.

    Finally, there are greater issues (not that this even is one) such as gang violence and religious intolerance which damage society.

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