• New Bourne movie is good

    In my opinion the new Bourne film is well worth a watch - in may ways the series has gone back to its roots but, in doing so, it shows an admirable recognition for areas where it can improve. The action and plot veers towards gritty rather than fantastical and is very enjoyable.

  • It has received good reviews, so yes!

    I haven't seen the new Jason Bourne movie personally but have heard good things about it. Online overall it gets solid reviews too, the only place which doesn't look kindly on it is Rotten Tomatoes. But as a source that is well known to be harsh. Lot's of reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes love to be negative and that impacts the overall ratings movies get. Most other sources say it is well worth a watch because you will probably enjoy it.

  • New Jason Bourne film isn't worth watching

    The Jason Bourne series of films has gotten a new installment, creatively titled "Jason Bourne." Unfortunately, this film isn't worth a watch because it falls victim to what many film series struggle with: the phenomenon of "sequelitis." This is a disease that has brought down many a film series, such as "Star Trek" and the reboot of the "Star Wars" saga. It refers to when a film series has run out of ideas and is merely recycling old plots.

  • No, the original films were better.

    No, because it will never live up to the original franchise. The Jason Bourne trilogy was a popular action franchise with its own complete story arc, and the attempts at a revival only ruin the original. The attempt at a sequel series starring Jeremy Renner flopped, but with the star of the original back, the revival of this beloved character and franchise seems even more pointless. The Jason Bourne of the original trilogy went through a journey of learning about his past, attempting to escape it and finally accepting it and moving on to a new life. The new movie ruins that catharsis. It drags Bourne back into the action because producers wanted a sequel, not because it makes sense with the story.

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