• Yes, the thing about Trump is that he sometimes forgets the difference between what he says to the American public at large, and what he says to a crowd of adoring, hysterical fans.

    Many Republicans live in a fantasy world. They believe the egomaniac billionaire Trump, is going to bring wealth and prosperity to their lives.
    Their 17 leaders who are vying for the top government job as president of the USA are all comfortable with spewing, non-intelligent and non-factual statements. Trump, in particular, has seen the benefit of insulting everyone, it gives him a rise in the polls every time he does it.

  • Yes, it is dangerous.

    The new Republican Party is very dangerous. They seem to only believe in the rights of a small group of rich white men, and are very self serving. They have gained a great deal of power and they may actually win the next presidential election, which could have devastating effects on our freedoms.

  • Yes, I feel that the new Republican Party is dangerous.

    Yes, from all signs it seems the new Republican party is dangerous to our nation and way of life. Look at who they are about to nominate for their presidential candidate -- a businessman who lies, cheats and bullies his way through life. In addition they hire and fire incompetent staffers, including the speechwriter who plagiarized Ms. Obama's speech. Republican Party leaders are behaving in an immature manner and this is dangerous.

  • Yes, their agenda is questionable.

    The new Republican Party is somehow dangerous because of the agenda their flag bearer, Mr Trump is trying to push. He has over his campaign period spoken of taking America back and going further to propose things like building a wall and taking the blacks back to Africa. That is not a good sign.

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