• Job Security, bro.

    When you take out newspapers, you are shutting down all the little businesses that rely on creating and developing the newspaper for their jobs. Without a newspaper company, there will be less places to do job printing, like creating business cards for cheaper than the internet, or there will be less chances for people to intern in order to get ahead in life.
    In a huge city, you get news all the time, but in small towns, all you get is what is in print. News reporters care about juicy stories like crime, while small towns care about the local economy.

  • Old adults enjoy it, still.

    All of us know these days' technologies are extreamely developed like TV, Smartphones, Radio and more numerous things.Modern people can use it easily, but other old people are not adept with smart thecnics.I mean, we do not have any claimes to ignore people who enjoy news paper like our grandfather. For exmaple, I went to libary with my grand father. He always find news paper and I relized that their are a lot of people who are finding news paper. They were almost old people.Finally, I agree with this statement.

  • Old adults enjoy it, still.

    All of us know these days' technologies are extreamely developed.TV, smartphones or radio and other numerous things.Modern people like us, can use it easily, but other old people are not adept with smart technics.I mean, we don't have any claim to ignore them their like our grandfather.For example, my grandfather always go to libary to read newspaper.I relized that their is a lot of people like my grand father. Also I noticed that many people find newspaper even their are nore betterway to gain imformation.Finally, I agree with this statement.
    P.S. I'm Korean.Please understand my grammer&spelling.

  • Reading the morning paper

    While they do not play the same role as they used to, it would be a shame to see newspapers go. Nowadays, everyone is in such a hurry, that it is nice to be able to sit down in the morning with a cup of coffee and read the paper. It is relaxing and a tradition carried out by many.
    It think people should make more of an effort to read the paper, as a lot of hard work goes into it.

  • Fills you in.

    We have phones and other electronic devices that we can get our news from. So then you think, who needs newspapers? Well, the Internet might not cover everything, so newspapers may be able to fill you in on some stories or details of stories that you might have missed online. In addition, newspapers are cheaper than paying for electric bills and data usage bills for computers and phones.

  • Well, I mean, they are a little outdated

    These days, we have the internet as a convenience for looking stuff up, as well as an army of news applications for about every platform. Also, with any kind of electronic device, watching it anywhere, like a TV, phone, computer, etc, they can explain more details over a longer period of time. Yes, they are 2 different formats, they are pretty much the same in their own ways, both tell news, both have the weather, and both say things like events and current lottery numbers. Taking a look at *puts on reading glasses* Joey888, yes, it does cost less, but thats because phones and electricity can do lots and lots of other things as well, check email, play games, wake you up, etc, newspapers don't do that. As far as the data usage, well, that saves the effort of paperboys, and wifi is not very hard to come by in any case (I know there are the newspaper dispensers, but sometimes those mess up). Now, before you think i'm some ignorant 13 year old who spends all day playing games, i'm married and have 3 kids, you really expect me to read a newspaper that comes out only daily or weekly? Um, no thanks, TV can show me something only minutes after a newsworthy event has occured, the newspaper forces me to wait. Also, newspapers have their own costs, mainly in the production stage, cause maintaining printing presses and supplying ink both cost lots of money. You also have to harvest trees for their wood to make the paper, which requires gas. Printing presses also use *ahem* electricity as well as making sure they still work, because in any device, something can, and typically will, go wrong at some point. I'm sure this has gone on long enough, I already have made the scrollbar pretty small already, on my daughters iPhone, so, enjoy.

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