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Does it make sense?

  The stealer's didn't have a winning season...and you know the stealer's an elite team didn't make the playoffs...there's seems shady to me ...you know they always aint going to go to the championship or the superbowl but it doesn't make sense that a elite team such as the stealer's didn't go to the playoffs out of all teams
Foxxy_Kyle says2013-03-24T01:30:52.220
Do you even watch? It is the Steelers, not the Stealers. If you cannot even name the team properly, you should not answer a question like this.
StevenDixon says2013-03-24T01:53:16.117
They're obviously not an elite team...
Anonymous says2013-06-20T07:44:32.907
This is a ridiculous statement. If your theory is that it's rigged, then there really is no such thing as "elite".
Sumocolt768 says2013-12-09T08:15:13.293
Steelers* I'm sorry, but do you even watch football?
Shalwilson says2014-01-07T07:13:16.147
Could it just simply be that the Steelers were beaten by better teams?
jdpst44 says2014-01-22T18:44:53.120
Some teams become more popular in the media if they have a losing season. It's all show BUSINESS.
NFHELL says2014-08-15T03:13:39.387
Jags and Bears Preseason Game tonight proves the Game was Rigged 100%
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