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NFL seems more and more rigged

  No one can deny that the Patriots laid down in the AFC Conference Championship. The Ravens DID NOT outplay them by any means. So how can a high-flying Patriot offense lose to an aging, mediocre Ravens defense? With a little help. The Ravens are in fact the team of destiny this year, because it was made to be so. This team lost 5 of its last 6 games and had ZERO momentum going into the playoffs. Ray Lewis decides to retire, and the "Harbowl" seems a whole lot more attractive to the league, with it being Lewis' last game to boot. It seems too good to be true, and it's probably because it is. It's a nice story, and it's sure to get the league more ratings and the attention away from concussions, but it doesn't add to the integrity of the game.
Anonymous says2013-09-17T01:54:30.427
It was the storyline chosen for the year. When Ray Lewis announced retirement, they were chosen to win it all, and what better team for them to match up to besides the 49ers with brother vs brother? The Ravens did not get a single holding penalty or defensive pass interference call against Denver, New England, and even San Francisco in the big game. Needless to say, they were the 2nd most penalized team of the year, but all of a sudden they don't get any calls on holding and interference in the playoffs? They were chosen to win it all the minute Ray Lewis announced retirement.
TommyBlingshyne says2013-11-19T08:51:55.610
jnealhicks says2014-01-12T21:17:22.417
Exactly. They find powerful narratives/stories that boos ratings and therefore MONEY and nudge it here or there t, if not control, at least quietly steer, and raise the odds their 'Cinderella' story comes true. This year it's 'manning winning it all and silencing the critics about his post-season losses', they wanted 'chuck pagano back from cancer' narrative but it didn't work out
Skeeter426 says2014-01-13T20:54:59.633
Manning winning after his 5 neck surgeries would have been a way better story. You could write a movie about that. If the patriots laid down for them then that means owners know it's fixed and participate. Highly unlikely that the owners throw games. Why would jerry jones spend millions in cap penalties all the time if he knew his team wouldn't get picked to win the Super Bowl?
Blaquesoul says2014-02-05T07:00:24.337
Skeeter, league money is spread evenly across all teams. Even when you lose you win if the league does well as a whole. Jerry can spend what he wants for players, cuz he knows that despite the league "adjusting" certain games, they can't force an outcome. If your team dominates and plays clean, you give yourself the best chance. The Seahawks beat the crap outta the Broncos. No amount of rigging could change that and Pete Carroll knew it. Just like at USC he knew in the big game u gotta kick the crap out of the other team and take the refs out of it. Why? He knows if you let the game stay close the officials will chip away at you. Yes Manning getting a ring would have been awesome news, but either way, the NFL got super ratings for this super bowl and overall, the league is Super Rigged.
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