• Those that are NEVER to Blame

    I believe that the Obama administration is the most arrogant administration to ever control the office. No matter what happens, they can never admit any fault. They must always point the finger at someone else. It is unbelievable to me that they think they can commit murder with no consequences. I don't know how we elected him in the first place.

  • Yes the Obama Administration is arrogant

    Yes, in light of what has happened with the IRS and Benghazi, I think that the Obama Administration is arrogant and thinks that they are above the law. I do not think that Obama, and members around him, are aware of their actions and what consequences they could have, and therefore are arrogant.

  • Absolutely, arrogant and above the law

    This IRS mess is just the tip of the iceberg as seems to be playing out with new information coming out every day and every day it climbs further up the food chain. Why is no one in this administration being held accountable for any of the scandals happening? And how does Obama never know what is going on in his own house? Thank goodness he catches the news. Otherwise he would never know anything.

  • The Obama Administration is as Arrogant as the House of Representatives

    This must be the Senior slump haha. The economy is growing, something we have not talked about since 2006. Every negative on this poll has focused on three weeks worth of news from Benghazi to the IRS. They fail to mention this years House, which has voted less times than any congress in history. When they did vote they allotted 15% of the time to trying to repeal the A.C.A, pitiful. Whenever you go to the E.R. And get charged $2,000 for stepping on a nail, something is wrong. The Obama administration is not arrogant, just smart. That is why all you people are so upset, deal with it.
    Advantage democrats 2016.

  • Not at this point

    Obama and his campaign team ran an amazing campaign for the 2008 election - in many ways, as revolutionary as JFK's use of TV during his election. In Robert Gates' autobiography he notes that, in the beginning, Obama ran the White House in a similar way - something that did, indeed, lead to arrogance on the part of many staffers. Ultimately, 5 years in, the administration has learned a lot.

  • They are not.

    The Obama administration is not arrogant. There is nothing that they do that would make you think that they are arrogant. They act in a very respectful and professional manner in everything that they do. If people are calling them arrogant, then they simply just do not like the Obama administration.

  • I don’t think that the Obama administration is arrogant.

    I don’t think that the Obama administration is arrogant. It’s evident that Obama knows that he is good
    at what he does, but if anything, I would say that he’s too humble. He’s always trying to compromise to work with
    Republicans. Sometimes I wish that he
    would be more aggressive.

  • No,the Obama administration is not arrogant.

    No,the Obama administration is not arrogant.They try their best to work with their political adversaries and compromise whenever possible but the opponents of the administration refuse to compromise at all so they may feel that the Obama administration is arrogant when they are actually just trying to look out for what's best for the voters.

  • Obama Administration Is Not Arrogant

    I do not believe the Obama administration is arrogant. There have been platforms that Obama fully stood behind and pushed until they were approved (Obamacare) and pushed again when they were challenged (government shut down). Not to mention Obama's stealthy use of executive orders when he doesn't get what he's want. I believe the facts make it obvious that the administration isn't arrogant, they're just more forceful than previous administrations.

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