• A total waste of money

    We end up loosing money instead of gaining it because the stadiums and facilities cost so much money only to get knocked down a couple weeks later, and there are so much better ways to spend money for example we could be donating money to charity or homeless sick people.

  • Olympics = Commercialised Bogus

    We should all be ashamed. Industrial nations should be focusing on important issues, not patting themselves on the back every two years. People talk about peace, but it means nothing. The second resources ad power are in question, War will return.

    The amount f unnecessary travel, and infrastructure/ building that is initiated, and later left unused is a disgrace. Humanity needs to grow up, the past century has been dark, and civilisation is only getting darker. Things like the Olympics are a lie. Celebration skin deep. Happiness that is acted out.

  • Lose of money

    The countries end up losing money. The Olympic Games are usually a waste of money for the country hosting the games. They usually spend many years and many millions of dollars having to build the facilities and venues for the games. The tourism and publicity does not usually end up helping to pay for the event. So in the short and long run, the countries often end up losing lots of money.

  • No, They Are Worth It

    The Olympics do a lot of good. First, they spur countries and municipalities to invest in better infrastructure. That alone benefits the people of the hosting area. Also, the games bring in a lot of tourists, and that injects a massive amount of money into local economies. Lastly, the games promote international peace, and that is priceless.

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  • No,the olympic games are not a waste of money.

    The Olympic games are not a waste of money.The olympics bring benefits to an area that may not be seen on an immediate basis.New jobs are brought into the area as well as new construction which normally works to improve an area that would otherwise be languishing without funds for improvements,

  • No, they are not a waste of money.

    The Olympics are not a waste of money. I feel that it is an event that is truly global, where people forget about pressing issues and concerns with adverse nations and compete in a friendly forum. Granted, it can be a waste of money if investors leave the hosting country, but if done correctly, I feel that it can actually help generate money for the country by bringing in foreign travelers not only during the games but for years to come.

  • Not At All

    The Olympic games are worth every penny. It a great sporting event that people all around the world view. Where else do you get to see top athletes from a variety of sports compete against each other. It is must see tv and well worth the money they put into it.

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