• No not feminest

    No it's not. What makes it feminist? That there are average sized girls in there and not any roadhog (FAT) girls there? So what are you asking for? More thicc women? Or them to not be portrayed as "fat and ugly" as most feminist call it

    with the addition to sombra and ana, differnet body types are there, ur just to stubborn to see it.....Soilder, hanzo, mcree, and more have the same body type.. So why cant most girls. Because it's the average

  • Overwatch supports women in genuine strong roles.

    So yes, Overwatch is feminist. It has some major flaws, like the cookie-cutter body shapes of most of the women, which you don't find in the men of Overwatch, but luckily, not all are this long-legged, overly slim female figure. Aside from that, the game depicts women and men as equals, which is definitely the biggest point. With the addition of Ana, every role now has 2 women in there, 2 for support, 2 as tanks, 2 as defensive roles and 2 damage dealers. While it isn't a 50/50 split over men/women in the game, I personally don't think it needs to be. It is pretty close to being, and that's already more than perfect.

  • Yes, Overwatch is Feminist

    The game Overwatch is feminist because it depicts strong female characters who can compete on an equal playing field with their male counterparts. Furthermore, the game itself appeals to both men and women, and successful competitors are not all necessarily men. Thus, because of the depiction of its characters, and its accessibility, one could argue that Overwatch is a feminist game.

  • Overwatch videogame is blazing a new trail

    A major character, Ana, appears in the new videogame "Overwatch." She should be considered a new feminist icon because she acts as a sniper in the game, which allows her to function in a more masculine, aggressive way. As a result, the game shows that women can be just as good as men in anything they put their mind to.

  • Nope nope nope it's not feminist

    Ok just because the majority of the characters are female ( Tracer Widowmaker,D.Va ect.) DOSE NOT mean it is feminist. You are clearly unintelligent if you think this because, . Plus, there is plenty of men characters. How do you not know it is because of budget and they can't afford a model for the men characters?! It's not like the female characters are "function in a more masculine, aggressive way." Really doe i'm done typing....

  • No its not.

    Overwatch's female cast is very diverse, with people like Zarya and Mei to prove it. The people at Blizzard are trying their best to make as diverse as a cast as possible. Sure, in the closed beta, Blizzard had to fix Tracer's Over the Shoulder pose because of its "revealing" fact. But they fixed it. The people who say Overwatch Feminist are probably just 20-30 year old Stay-at-home moms with nothing better to do then to complain and to take away our fun. Have you even looked at Zarya? She could lift 3 buses if she wanted to. And Mei. Mei is a beautiful lady in this game. Sure, she is ANNOYING AF in game, but at heart she's a warm-hearted women. And What about Mercy? Mercy is a support hero, and she is the nicest person on the cast. She heals people, damage boosts them, and even revives them. So how about you 20-30 year old stay-at-home moms stop worrying about the negative things in life and start enjoying the positive things in life.

  • Feminism is an Idea, Not a Structure.

    Third wave feminism wishes to portray women as strong and independant while it's followers often skew the reality of a subject to fit their needs. Unfortunately, there's one flaw with considering anything to be feminist. Feminism is an ideology one may have, not a structure of art. Anyone may portray a woman in a videogame as strong, but unless the developers or artist say that it is depicted to be for feminism, it is not feminist. The developers have not said they are feminists, let alone created Overwatch around feminism.

  • Why does everything have to be about feminism?

    Feminism is a massive waste of time. It is a video game with a diverse mix of male and female characters, with varying physical and personality traits. That doesn't make it feminism; Activism for women's rights. Just because not all players are necessarily men (Like nearly all games) or because it has an equal cast of men and women make it feminist. Not every common thing is feminist.

  • Overwatch Aims for Audience

    Balancing act, choke points, cover phrases and more target an online audience across genders leading to an online gaming experience that both genders and enjoy. Planning, pre-match up selections, choosing both defensive and offensive heroes during the game enhances the visibility of the need to do the same in life. Plan for balance.

  • I haven't played, but from what I've seen of it, I don't think.

    I have a friend who enjoys playing who enjoys playing overwatch, and judging from the gameplay I have watched, I do not think it is feminist whatsoever. Just because the main character is a female portrayed with a certain amount of power, does not mean that the game is feminist.

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