• Rigged yes sure

    Its rigged so they can get 100 % of the pie.
    Check the statistics of the numbers, they tell the truth.
    Lotterys are worldwide rigged and everything you know and are told is a lie.
    Odds of 1:290 mill and 1.5 bill played tipps and no hit? 5 times more tipps than needed and still the jackpot is not won.

  • No, Powerball is not rigged.

    Powerball, and other forms of government-run type lottery gambling, is not rigged, per se. There's a very valid reason that most people who play don't win, and that's because the odds of winning are infinitesimally small. Lotteries that are done by multiple states, such as Powerball, have more people playing, and an even lesser chance of winning than a state lottery. Most people who play will, of course, never win.

  • All Lottery is luck

    I am not a lottery player, but I know it's basic gambling. Gambling is not a rigged activity, but it is all about the luck. The odds are strongly against you, and the idea is for you not to win; but, it is not rigged. Just very slim chances of someone actually winning the jackpot.

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