• Philippines' president is a cruel dictator

    The president of the Philippines is a cruel dictator. He has ordered a brutal cracked down and encouraged citizens to become violent. This is not following due process, proving he thinks he is above the law. He is bypassing an arrest and conviction, and assuming guilt. This is what dictators have done in the past.

  • He's power hungry.

    I think that the current president of the Philippines is power hungry and potentially very dangerous. It's been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and I believe this is the case in this scenario. The Phillipine government needs more checks and balances to prevent one person from holding so much power.

  • Yes, he is.

    The president of the Philippines may have been elected, but he uses his power in self serving ways. He has no checks or balances on his power and has been able to force people to work under harsh conditons and makes life difficult for the average Philipean citiizen on a day to day basis.

  • No he isn't.

    Google's definition of a dictator is: a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. So far, the president has yet to grasp that "obtained power" by force. The only reason why people are calling him is a dictator is because they aren't used to politicians that doesn't sugarcoat every word they say. Everyone saying that he is power hungry is seriously mistaken because if so he wouldn't grabbed the position of a small province for 20 years and would have pitched his name in the presidential ballot years ago.

  • Philippines is strict, but not cruel

    Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to fight corruption at every level and has put all government employees on notice. He has said the corruption must stop. The president of the Philippines admits he will be strict, but not cruel. His goals is to humbly serve the people of his country as leader.

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