• The sole aim of journalism should be service - Mahatma Gandhi

    Media's first accountability is towards the people. Freedom of press is perfectly fine as long as they don't use it to spread hate and incite violence and no one can do anything about it. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Free press doesn't mean they can write what they like and fool people, hence cheating the public. The media, in some democracies, acts as though they are a kind of ruling family and they tell the government what to do, rather than being a mere observer who reports facts as they are. Journos often call the shots according to their own whims and fancies, not the people's interests. They pressurize the government to do what THEY think is best for the people, often without giving the people a say. Media must realize that they are not above the laws of the land.

  • I dont think so........

    If media would be free then mind of masses would be controlled by media not the leaders .
    Leaders know that the media is the most powerful entity on earth. They could control the leaders because everybody know s that

  • Freedom comes with a price

    Journalists all argue for freedom of the press, and yet they don't argue for regulation or even basic common decency and morals amongst their ranks. Well freedom works both ways, theres a saying along the lines of "you don't miss freedom until it's taken away" or something like that. While I'm not painting all of them with the same brush, sadly the reputation of all has been destroyed by the some.

    Time and again newspaper journalists have proven how despicable, reprehensible and how morally lacking and corrupt they are, scandals like phone hacking, bribery of police, the hounding of Diana in 97 causing her death and now the latest involving the Daily Mail. And yet they will continue to espouse freedom of the press, well I'm sorry but it's about time that freedom was removed as they have proven over and over that they absolutely cannot be trusted in wielding that freedom. It's about time they learned things like morals and right and wrong, and press freedom should only be re-instated when they have learned to act properly, with respect for the law and people. The saying goes "the punishment should fit the crime." They used their freedoms in some disgusting ways and the punishment should be that freedom is taken away.

  • Yes, they are invading people's lives.

    The media have no right to intrude on people's personal business like in the Milly Dowley case. This caused so much pain, and why should her family have had to go through that? They should have been allowed to have mourned her death in peace. The media did wrong to involve themselves in such a sensitive issue.

  • Yes always

    You must suppress society. They know too much already. They cannot handle the truth. We can handle the truth, so we know. They are too weak. They will not understand why. They cannot understand ever. They must not know. Press is too free. Must contain human beings. Must suppress all humans.

  • Freedom of press is fundamental.

    Basically the press is there to command the public's attention, it can make the public aware of the political shortcomings of a particular administration. The press makes the public aware of events that may fly under their radar otherwise. That's why press should be given freedom as a controlled press would not be able to put a political administration under the pressure needed for reforms to take place.

  • There is no such thing as the press being too free

    While some may find certain media outlet's distasteful, others will love that particular source. With so many sources of media to cover stories, we as consumers weeds out the ones we enjoy the opinion of. The press should always be free to report whatever they want. It is the people that will decide whether it's worth reading/viewing, and keeping them in business.

  • But some need to learn ethics, morals, and a little humanity.

    And they should be charged and held accountable if their actions are illegal, impede ongoing investigations, or result in someones death. Also their actions and reporting should be held to a higher standard ethically. Accidental misreporting or misrepresentation of facts is one thing, that deliberate style of reporting is another.

    People also need to relearn think for themselves and investigate what they see and hear. Today news organizations report thing in a certain light to attract an audience of like minded individuals. Deliberately omitting or not looking for the "whole" story. I think some people would believe it if the news station they watched religiously reported that the president was an alien from mars. Instead of finding out that the president gave out mars bars on Halloween dressed as an alien.

  • The Freer, The Better

    Freedom of the press is a guaranteed American right. The press isn't free enough, especially when Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests can go unfulfilled in the bowels of government information. When public entities often can't get the job done, the press digs deeper because the livelihood of media outlets relies on finding information no one else does. Although the media's roles have changed over the centuries, it still serves a purpose in modern society.

  • The press is not too free.

    No, the press is not too free. Rather, freedom of the press ought to be more encouraged by the inclusion of third party media groups that are not controlled by corporations and special interest groups as the mainstream press is. The press can say whatever it wants, and it is up to the people to filter facts from unreality. Regulations of the press threaten to infringe on constitutional rights.

  • No.

    The press is not too free, with perhaps the exception of Fox News and their false stories. The press has a right to report on whatever they feel is an appropriate story, as long as they have sources to back up their claims. Free press is always the mark of a free and democratic government and society, so the press always needs to be protected. Places like Russia and China are able to control the press and thus control the opinions of society, hence the press should be free.

  • No, the press is not too free

    Ideally, the press should be completely free from special interest groups and corporations that would otherwise skew their news reports and investigative journalism. Unfortunately, in the U.S. many news corporations are politically leaning. For example, FoxNews is heavily biased towards Republican values. If they report a story that is unacceptable to the corporation, upper management may force them to change the story.

  • No such thing as Free Press

    The United Nations in 1948 stated the universal declaration of human rights. This meant no violent crimes can be used against journalists or media organizations. Too many journalists have been attacked, killed, and forced to flee their country because of this topic. It is a millennium development goal by the UN to protect journalists by 2015 due to the reasons I just stated. Freedom of the press is to make civilians aware of their surroundings and to inform them of their government decisions.

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