Is the privacy and security of American protected well enough in the digital age?

  • Yes, Americans' privacy and security is protected well enough.

    Yes, the privacy and security of Americans is protected well enough in the digital age. Unless there is reason to believe a person may commit actions against their country or its people, no person's privacy can be violated without a warrant. Warrants are only given in situations where absolutely necessary.

  • To me it is obvious that we as Americans are not well enough protected

    Look at our recent cyber attacks on us by other factions and countries. Like the recent surface of Yahoo's hacking. We are exposed when it comes to our cyber safety. However, the NSA and other cyber security companies say that everything is under control. I simply refuse to believe them.

  • More protection is needed.

    I think that Americans are at great risk for a security breach thanks to the digital age. It's easier than ever for hackers to gain access to our most important information. This is even true on a large scale, such as the security risks caused by Secretary Clinton when she moved emails to her private server.

  • No it is not

    We, as Americans are definitely not protected well enough in the digital age. As we upgrade our security the hackers find another way in. They are sending emails to phish for information or hiding Trojan horses that infiltrate our technological systems to memorize keyboard strokes. They use the information to get our passwords to steal from us. It's dangerous.

  • No, privacy is scarce in the digital age

    No, the privacy and security of Americans are not protected well enough in the digital age. Every website nowadays is tracking you, and they are using the information obtained about you to attempt to sell you something. News stories about hackers are an almost daily occurrence. Completing business transactions online still comes with a significant amount of risk because of poorly designed security measures and unscrupulous people with enough free time and motivation to break through them to obtain your financial information.

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