• Microsoft needs to prepare for a meltdown.

    The Ps4 is better than the Xbox One by far. It has faster fps (frames per second), is cheaper by far (by $100) and doesn't make you pay 50.00 dollars to pay online. Coming from me, If I need to continually pay 50.00 dollars every month, plus the price to buy the console, I would choose the Ps4 in a heartbeat. Microsoft also doesn't know how to arrange a main screen, they have ads on the front page or something, and sometimes, I can't even tell which icon is my game. It also has better specs. Look it up Xbox One lovers. Better everything. Microsoft also barely lets you play games offline, because you need a Xbox live membership to play offline as well.

    If you still think Xbox One is better, then hope you enjoy wasting your money.

  • Ps4 is better

    PS4: Xbox one:


    399.99 499.99


    10.8X12X2(smaller) 13.5X10.43.2(larger)

    *optical drive*

    Bluray/DvD Bluray/DvD

    *game DVR*

    Yes yes with xbox live gold


    8gb GDDR5 8gbDDR3


    8 core single chipx86 8 core microsoft cpu


    1152 shaders 768 shaders

    *peak gpu shader* throughput*

    1.84 teraflops per sec 1.31teraflops per sec


    500 gb's removable 500 gb's not removable

    *power supply*

    internal external

    the ps4 is better with it's rams, it has a replaceable hard drive, it has a better gpu, it has a better game dvr, and the is price is lower

  • Has better everything

    The PS4 is better than the xbox one because the PS4 is NOT a family consle. It is for those people who like to sit back , relax and have fun. For example, The xbox one is a family consle for like sitting back and relaxing with your family. Thats why the PS4 is better than the xbox one

  • It is better

    It's smaller, sleeker, more powerful. Does not have the power brick as tall as a wii, faster, no need for Duracell battery's, better games, supports blue ray, PS PLUS is way better than Xbox LIVE GOLD, you have free online, better graphics, cheaper, over all PS4 is just so much better.

  • It is better

    It's smaller, sleeker, more powerful. Does not have the power brick as tall as a wii, faster, no need for Duracell battery's, better games, supports blue ray, PS PLUS is way better than Xbox LIVE GOLD, you have free online, better graphics, cheaper, over all PS4 is just so much better.

  • PS4 for life

    I play ps4 and xbox but i would prefer ps4 because it just feels better from me. Not saying microsoft is bad it is just that I don't like bill gates. I always thought he was a bad man form first sight. Its just my opinion Go PS4 boo Xbox

  • I've never been an XBox Fan

    The Xbox, I find to be complicated and twisted in function... I purchased one after I already had a PS and I was not really impressed at all. Thus Sony regained my business as I went out and bought a new PS. Maybe I am just a person who sticks with what they "know"..

  • PS4 Is Better

    I think the PS4 is better than the Xbox one because of three reasons. 1) The PS4 has special games to play only on the PS4. Xbox has several special games too, but in my opinion, I think that PS4 has more games. 2) I also think that the PS4 has much better graphics, which brings you into the game. 3) You can connect with your friends fast and easy. That is why I like the PS4 better than the Xbox One, only in my opinion.

  • PS4 has more player rights

    It seemed as if Xbox one is no longer built for the hard core gamer most of use are. Xbox is to busy, babyproffing its consol to take over the living room. They are marketing more twordes families with young children for TV than to the hardcore CoD and Halo gamer that one them so many gamers in the first place. This generation is going to be ruled by the PS4.

  • Xbox is so good monkeys eat it

    Get rekt all you xbox lovers cause you're stupido and probobaly eat ham sandwiches for breakfast. Ps4 is good and tigers like it on facebook 2. Buy ps4 in cinemas now or eat ham sandwiches for the rest of your lives suckerz so don't hate appreciate and buy ps4 now

  • PC > Xbox > PS systems

    PC is better cause I can mod my games, and tons of discounts on steam.
    Xbox is awesome cause I got family in it and I get discounts on all games.
    PS4.. Hmm, never really had good experiences with these systems. Always broke, interfaces never user friendly. I don't think it will do for me. Even if people say it has more ram. It's not needed to play any of the modern games, cause once the better games come out, the next gen consoles will be releasing.

  • Xbox 1 is better

    More people have Xboxs and there are more Xbox games including tons of free games and bonuses you get on black ops because you have the Xbox. Xbox live gold costs money but it has so many features and if you don't want to pay, get silver, Xbox live silver has less features but is still better than PlayStation network

  • Xbox is better

    Xbox is a dominant gaming console and will stay that way. Better games, graphics, controls, and controllers are not the only features. You can watch TV easily on your Xbox, and don't forget about the amazing new Kinect on Xbox One! Xbox is just a dominant gaming console because of features.

  • The pad has just topped it.

    The xbox pad has allways been better than the playstation pad, this is a fact...It has won awards because of this...Only fanboys will debate this.
    Now, the new xbox one pad ( although it is pricey ) allows you to interchange the analouge sticks so you can use the playstation mushroom sticks should you wish to. This is on top of being able to program every button/trigger to your preference which is what should be the norm now.
    The exclusives from microsoft are blowing sony away but....It depends what you like as far as games are concerned.
    As for graphics, you will notice no difference as both consoles have very powerful graphics chips that are controlled by the developers making the games....These developers will get more out of each console as time goes on, people saying the ps4 has better graphics are idiots....Look at halo 4's graphics....That was for the xbox 360 and can pretty much match any ps4 or xbox one game out there.
    The xbox one is capable of 4k gaming were as the ps4 is not.....In all honesty, i don't see 4k games coming to this generation of consoles anytime soon....There is simply too much data needed on a hard copy and, a digital download would take forever and use up masses of hard drive......Also you need a 4k tv which only idiots have payed out for thus far.
    To sum up, look at the exclusive games for each console and decide that way as the new xbox pad has just put a stop to any pad argument.

  • The future of consoles

    Xbox is focusing on not only games, but entertainment, adding new features which makes your experience fun.
    Its kinda like, cellphones... They were just good for phoning and texting but now you can surf the web download songs take pictures.
    Its just making life easier
    So in my opinion ps4 has the better hardware, but xbox just has more, and ps4 will one day adapt to the ways of xbox because people are going to want to use their consoles for more than just gaming

  • To each their own.

    Each system is awesome for whatever you're trying to use it for. The Xbox One has a lot more features dealing with various multimedia sources and controller-less adaptations. The new Kinect, from experience, works really well and is super convenient when you don't have your controller or when you'd rather not use one. Now, the biggest determining factor to getting a system should be what you want to use it for, and what your friends have. The graphics gap is closing, each has their own games, the controllers each have their strengths; there isn't that big of a difference in gameplay. Especially now that the Xbox is the same price, the war's starting to settle-down and things are becoming more even-sided.

  • I like all consoles gamer for life

    Your all a bunch of sad people me even more so for being here but i will leave and say one thing sony will never win even if they do top Xone microsoft has limitless funds i mean the parts for the ps4 comes from them and people saying ps4 has better graphics it really all comes down to the people makeing the game

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