• Look at the reputation of republicans now

    Nowadays, republicans won't vote for you unless you condemn Islam, condemn Black Lives Matter, refuse to support transgender rights, and refuse to defend Muslims. Nowadays, many people believe republicans racist, sexist, Islamophobic, etc. The word republican now is associated constantly with racism, sexism, Islamophobia, etc. and because republicans support Trump, people consider republicans dumb just because they think Trump is dumb and therefore think you're dumb if you vote for Trump. I don't judge Trump supporters and republicans though

  • They're hurt immensely

    I have never seen so many republicans jump off the republican ship and defect to the other side. Donald Trump hijacked the party and zipped it into an ugly, dark direction. He will say and do anything to win. His erratic behavior and xenophobic speech pushed many over the edge.who knows if they will ever be back.

  • Yes, the Republican Party is hurt by Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump is likely hurting the Republican Party. The GOP could face losses in many Congressional races, as well as losing the presidential race. Trump's offensive remarks have alienated much of the electorate. Therefore, the GOP will likely suffer significant losses during the election. Trump is the only person that can undue some of this damage before its too late.

  • Yes, the Republican party is hurt by having somebody as unsuitable as Donald Trump as their representative.

    Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his unsuitability for the role of President by acting inappropriately and being offensive towards women, Mexicans and, more recently, the family of a war hero. By seeming to condone this type of behavior and not being able to reign him in, the Republican party is bound to be hurt as people will surely question its judgement.

  • Yes, Trump's behaviorh as hurt the Republican party.

    Trump has spread a message of hate and shown that he has no tact or professionalism. He is easily bated into going off the deep end and says whatever he wants even if it is unprofessional or hateful. These are not characteristics of a leader. It reflects poorly on the Republican party that he represents them.

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