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  • It is a real problem.

    The risk of cyber-warfare is not overrated. This is because it has been an established threat for almost ten years. People from other countries have infiltrated corporate databases and have stolen information from them. People have had their credit card numbers stolen, and companies have had their trade secrets exposed.

  • Cyber Warfare Not Overrated

    The risk of cyber warfare is not overrated in today's high tech world. The capability to shut America down through cyber warfare is a true threat to our society. It could result in loss of communication, loss of electricity and the inability to buy or sell goods. It is a threat that should be taken seriously and precautionary measures put in place to prevent such an attack.

  • The risk of cyber-warfare is not overrated

    The risk of cyber-warfare is not overrated. It is very real and at any moment our nation's security and many other important documents could be hacked and stolen. This could potentially give terrorists or other countries important information from within our government, which could cause many problems. On top of that, imagine if someone hacked the stock market and changed the prices, imagine what problems that could create for our stock market.

  • No, it's not.

    Cyber-Warfare is probably one of the greatest threats any nation in these modern times could face. Information could be leaked that is vital to peoples safety or plans for future missions could be leaked to those who will counter these plans and harm the other party. Cyber-Warfare is a major risk and should not be taken lightly.

  • No, Hype and fear

    The American government is bringing in new rules and a clearer strategy
    for dealing with cyber-threats. Barack Obama is said to have signed in
    October a still-secret directive containing new guidelines for federal
    agencies carrying out cyber-operations. It sets out how they should help
    private firms, particularly those responsible for critical national
    infrastructure, to defend themselves against cyber-threats by sharing
    information and setting standards.

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