• YEs, he is.

    The "Russian Robocop" as he is called stared down ISIS and encouraged his people to keep fighting against the terrorists. This alone makes him a national hero. He helped to boost morale and to encourage people to keep fighting the oppressor no mater the cost. He also called an air strike.

  • Yes, the "Russian Robocop" is a national hero.

    The "Russian Robocop" is a national hero because he showed exceptional bravery in the face of impending death at the hands of terrorists. He, even in his final moments, put others first, by speaking from his heart and not giving in to fear. He displayed a huge sense of bravery and caring for others in the face of death. He is a true hero.

  • He's a rallying cause, but not a hero

    The "Russian Robocop" was simply surrounded by the enemy and refused to give in when they tried to get him to renounce the work that he and his unit was doing. If he was a real hero, he would have somehow turned the tables and ended up alive. As it is, he's a good reminder for the Russian people exactly what they are up against.

  • No such thing

    While I'm quite sure it was noble and very military of him to be defiant of those about to kill him, and it is too bad the young man had to die, but how does death make you a hero? What good will he do for the people he is to protect now? What good does his death bring to the world?

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