• What about men

    How come nobody ever starts the convo about males being sexually assaulted. My teacher once told me "men cant be raped" I've seen instances of women taking advantage of men just as men do of women. Maybe we should be saying sexual assault in general is a serious problem.

  • It is very serious

    Women should not have to be afraid of certain situations, for fear that they may be sexually assaulted. I believe it happens more than we know, as many women do not report the crime or speak out against it. We need to ensure that women can feel safe wherever they are, and that they are not afraid or ashamed to report when an assault has occurred.

  • Sexual Assault Always Serious

    Yes, the sexual assault of women is a serious problem. Sexual assault is a damaging act that affects women for a long time, even a lifetime. However, the huge number of sexual assaults that occur makes it a tremendously serious problem. On top of it all, the lack of punishment for offenders is horrific.

  • Yes, the sexual assault of women is a serious problem.

    The sexual assault of women around the World is a very serious problem. Even in the 21st Century, many women are still subjected to violence. Unfortunately, much of this violence does not get prosecuted in many parts of the World. Attacks against women should not be tolerated anywhere. Those that commit sexual assaults must be prosecuted and punished.

  • Yes, and it needs to be addressed.

    As a society, we need to do a better job of teaching young people about sex and sexual conduct. We need to teach people what is acceptable and unacceptable. We teach children not to rape, but we don't teach them what rape is. This is a huge problem that results in a high number of sexual assaults. More and better education on the subject would definitely help the situation.

  • Irresponsible women; careless families

    Firstly, how many of these are actually real claims? The fact that women can accuse a man of sexually assaulting them with little to no evidence just shows what kind of society we live in, a society that is sexist towards men. Many women can make these claims as not only can they ruin his life for some personal vendetta perhaps by doing so but also gain attention and sympathy from others.

    Secondly, why are women not taking precautions? Why are they allowing themselves to be in such positions in the first place? There are certain things a person does not do for their own safety, whether they are a man or a woman, such as walking in a dangerous neighborhood at night, if a person did so and was attacked or robbed then of course the attacker or robber is wrong for doing what they did, however the victim is also at fault for a lack of care if they know what that area is like.

    Now the same is for the case of the woman, she should know what the world outside is like and what she can expect especially if she is revealing herself in a sexual manner, just as a hungry person will satisfy their hunger by taking what isnt theirs, likewise a person with a sexual urge will fulfill it though it may not be theirs to do so, of course it is wrong in both cases and both are at fault but if they are attracting and provoking attention from the one with the need then they will take it as it is a basic human instinct to fulfill it.

    So yes sexual assault of women is a problem but women should take more care and actually do something about it rather than quote the same statistics and then continue acting the way they do an expect everything to turn out fine. It is simple really, dressing a sexually provocative manner will bring sexual attention from the opposite gender, whether it is just visual or physical and sexual, hormones, basic human instinct, will play a part but different degrees depending on the person. Staying alone in a room with the opposite gender, again, the urge and instinct may kick in, just dont put yourself in that position. Going outside unnecessarily, will attract male attention, of course to different degrees but nevertheless will.

    Women should take more care and responsibility, as should their family, families that are too relaxed end up seeing the fruits of their lack of care of their womenfolk.

  • Serious for some; A source of income for others

    With the modern fad being going to gym, learning martial arts and street fighting, women are really being very defensive. Also, with the laws against men outnumbering their safety, men are very cautious to take actions.
    Women are given the latest technologies to seek help in an emergency. For decades we are being preached of treating women as Angels of God. It is true, women are very delicate and the most beautiful creation of God, but they must have inherited the powers of God then.
    Recent years have seen a rise in fake accusations up to 2 times the accusations which are actually true. They are misusing their rights given by the Law and have all the defenses they need to get away quickly.
    Both male and female must be educated about sex and how to respect it

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Yes but its not 1 in 5