• Violence in New Orleans growing at alarming rate

    Killing is becoming a normal part of life in New Orleans. Many young people think it is a cool thing to be a murderer. New Orleans Saints player Will Smith was killed and his wife seriously wounded after a traffic accident. More people in the area are starting to think violence is the way to solve disputes.

  • Yes, shooting and violence is out of control in New Orleans

    New Orleans is just one city in America where shooting and violence is out of control. Tensions and hatred have become more and more prevalent in the city, and each violent act seems to cause even more violence. People are very angry and those who lack self control are resorting to shooting others in New Orleans as well as in other places in this country.

  • New Orleans is out of control

    New Orleans has a gun problem, but that doesn't make them much worse off than a lot of other American cities. Washington, DC, Chicago and New Orleans, to name a few, have gun problems that are out of control. Until we start passing some sensible gun laws, these cities are going to remain out of control.

  • Yes, the violence in New Orleans is out of control.

    The recent shootings and violence in New Orleans appears to be out of control. There has been a massive increase in violence throughout the city since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina over a decade ago. However, violence appears to be growing with no end in sight. It seems that the city government and law enforcement are unable to gain control over the dangerous city.

  • End of Conversation!

    End of Conversation!

    They walled in another ghetto today,
    To discourage any inquiring minds,
    To raise, the local real estate values,
    To make, policing their crowds easier,
    Insisting, that its the will of the people!
    And paid the cops to keep all others out,
    Best to kill that one, and burn the ground!
    Then spent another billion, on one election,
    Popular comedians complained its too much!
    The mass media spouting whatever paid more,
    Just act shocked, when ghetto snipers kill cops!
    The gun does all the talking all around the world,
    Ask the NRA, why they want to arm every citizen!
    The billionaire mayor of NYC, arrested 26 reporters,
    To stop them from publicizing the Occupy Movement,
    To stop those without money from ever talking to them,
    When the pigs sprayed great grandma with pepper spray!
    Nobody said boo... Nothing was done... End of conversation,
    Then bankers handed congress a list of everything they wanted.
    Still, half the people insist the government they call evil lie to them,
    While they copyright freedom speech, and start charging by the syllable.

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